Area officers brace for Super Bowl weekend

Erie County deputies are gearing up for a traffic enforcement blitz on Super Bowl weekend.
Emil Whitis
Jan 3, 2013


Using grant money from the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services the Erie County Sheriff’s Office is scheduling extra deputies to work traffic from Feb. 1 to Feb. 3.

Those deputies will focus on rooting out drunken drivers, speeders and motorists not wearing seat belts.

Patrols will concentrate on Ohio 4, U.S. 250, Ohio 61 and Ohio 60.

“It is hoped that these efforts will result in a safer trip for those traveling during what is usually a busy time period on area road ways,” an Erie County press release said.

In December, deputies used grant money to make 19 extra stops.



They used grant money to make 19 extra stops???? Define a extra stop.


This extra money is a grant. A grant is tax dollars. Tax dollars come from taxpayers. It's not extra when you already took the money from me in taxes the first time.

Good 2 B Me

Sounds like a stallar way to spend money. (Sarcasm)


Why are sheriffs being paid to work on state roads...dont they belong on county roads. They should be working where they are supposed to be. I live in the county and would hope that if I need some help they would be there not on the state roads. The state boys gets paid to work on those roads. So we are paying double to have the state roads patrolled.....doesnt make much sense to me!

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Pretty simple folks... THEIR UNIONS SECURED MORE TAXPAYER FUNDS TO DO THE JOB THEY ALREADY SHOULD BE DOING... IT's called, payback for voting in the UNIONS guy..... So you get extra duty, and OT at 2.5x normal duty. WE NEED TO KNOW how many deputies worker 2/1 - 2/3 and their impact, also, which areas they were assigned, and exactly how many infractions on non SUPER WEEKENDS usually were issued in those areas.


I for one am glad to hear this . Super Bowl weekend should be enjoyed safely . I guess if people have to cry about it they should organize their own neighborhood watches . That would free up LE to keep the drunk drivers in check that weekend . Unless you're too busy , or it's too cold , or you're too scared to do it for yourselves . These officers are putting their lives on the line . I don't expect them to work for free.


oh please, thats like saying everyone is putting their lives on the line, why don't i get paid, and i totally agree with it being B.S., that they will get paid overtime, with grant money that i was already taxed on. don't get me wrong, i do have respect for the law and the officers, but not in instances like this


Well, I guess if the Supper Bowl were played on any other day besides Sunday that might be a legitimate argument , but since it isn't , what choice do they have if we need extra patrols that weekend ? If the State Troopers had got that grant the situation would be the same . Why do people have to cry about taxes if they are being used to our benefit ? Would you rather there be less coverage out there on a weekend known to have more impaired drivers out? If your afraid these officers might make a little extra on their pay checks , I guess that is too bad , but remember that money they make will be taxed and go right back to where it came .


if we are going to pay them overtime, then they should have to go back to doing field sobriety tests instead of a breathalyzer, since that is the only true way to tell if someone is incapacitated enough not to drive, but no they are all lazy and just want people to blow into a machine

Mr. D

@ Please. . . Surely you are not as ignorant as your comment implies. The Sheriff's Deputies and the State Patrol have jurisdiction on all State, County and Township roads as well as streets in cities and villages.


wow .....i didnt know the super bowl was being played in sandusky this year !!

Swamp Fox

Wouldn't it make more sense to have the Sheriff do crime prevention patrol, answer criminal calls and complaints and allow the Highway Patrol do the extra traffic enforcement patrols.


That was exactly my point!


I'm glad they will be out. Might save a life or two keeping drunk drivers off the roads