Jobless veterans rescue Ohio robbery victim

A homeless man and another who was recently homeless are being hailed as heroes for coming to the aid of a man who was being robbed in downtown Cincinnati.
Associated Press
Jan 3, 2013


Gary Wagner was being attacked at an ATM when the two men intervened and wrestled him free, police said. One of them stayed with Wagner while the other ran after the suspect and stood in front of his car until officers arrived.

"I think it was a courageous and unselfish act," said Cincinnati police Capt. Gary Lee. "It's a perfect example of what can happen when the citizens and police work in partnership."

The Cincinnati Enquirer ( ) reports that both men are military veterans who didn't know each other before the Monday encounter. David Hale just got off the streets, and Chad McClain — who ran after the suspect — is living at a shelter.

Both men said they would hope anyone else would do the same.

"I was compelled to do something," said McClain, 38. "I just couldn't stand by and see somebody be victimized. I didn't really think about myself."

The 46-year-old Hale said his "instincts kicked in at the right time." He added that he understands that people get desperate: "There are other ways to reach out and get help (than) turning to crime and hurting another individual."

Wagner, 54, said he wants to do something to help the two men who helped him.

The 45-year-old suspect, Louis Stevenson, was being held Thursday on $250,000 bond in Hamilton County Jail on charges of robbery and obstruction. A message was left for his attorney.




Class individuals. America you owe them.




Why are military veterans homeless? You're right kURTje, America owes them.


Because republicans believe they are part of the 47% adn they don't care about people after they are born when they need the most help. Not even victims of disasters like hurricanes, of whom some are homeless now.


why are our veterens homeless? the military enlisted people while in the service of our great country are paid below poverty level 13,000 at any time are eligible for foodstamps they defend our country and then when they are done with our soldiers they are done! ptsd is a major reason why they cant function on leaving the service. there is no follow up on mainstreaming them back into civilian life. getting benefits and using benefits are worlds apart. when you leave a world that is self contained it is hard to function for most people, let alone someone with a handicap.