Drug raid shooting probe sidelines two police officers

Willard police have sidelined two officers after a Toledo woman was shot in the foot during a Dec. 19 drug raid on Pleasant Street.
Emil Whitis
Jan 3, 2013


Willard police Chief Mark Holden said Detective Jeremy Draper and Officer Brian Slone are on administrative duties pending the outcome of a probe by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Nine officers were involved in the drug raid, but Draper and Slone were the only two Willard officers who fired their weapons, Holden said.


Click here for the Dec. 20 story about the raid that led to the shooting. Get the e*Paper here or buy a Register at a newsstand near you to learn the status of the two-week investigation.  



Here come the Judge.......



I read the print edition. All I can say is "Keystone Cops"...


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Damn. I would have loved to be across the street video taping that.

Game time

This only took three weeks to release the names of the officers involved? Doesn't rhe chief have an obligation to release the names involved at or near the time of the incident? Sounds like it is time for Holden to find a new job if he can't keep his officers under control!


When I read this article, all I could think of was that they went to a drug raid and one shot a dog and another shot a woman in the foot when he fell over a tree stump running from another dog, what kind of raid was this? Then I saw it was the Willard police and it did seem that big of a deal.

Then today I see they suspended these two and I thought: WHY? That didn't sound like anything unusual for the Willard police, did it? Why suspend one for tripping over a tree limb and shooting a woman in her foot and one shooting a dog?

I was still laughing all through dinner. I don't get why they are making so much out of this. The drug dealers should have known better.

They got what they deserved: The Willard Police.


I read the article thrice just to try and make sense of the ordeal. It still doesn't make any more sense. The girl who got shot in the foot was then handcuffed? Why? Probably for a disorderly after screaming about being shot in the foot? I'll bet she has a story to tell. I am guessing lawsuit from her part.