Dewine to continue Asian carp fight

Ohio and four other states will continue their legal battle to force the Army Corps of Engineers to eliminate the threat of Asian carp getting into the Great Lakes through Chicago's waterway system.
Tom Jackson
Jan 3, 2013


The states lost a round in federal court last month, but they will appeal. 

The states — Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota — still believe they have a realistic chance of prevailing in court, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told the Register on Wednesday.

The five states have sued the Corps in federal court, contending the Corps must shut down the locks in the Chicago Area Waterway System. The locks allow ships to travel from the Mississippi River system into Lake Michigan and vice versa. The Corps must then find a way to permanently separate the two bodies of water, the suit says.

To read more about the suit and what it means for the states, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.




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They are already here. Have been for a while.


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