Ohio Gov. Kasich plans Switzerland trip

Gov. John Kasich's trip to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland later this month will be the first official overseas trip by an Ohio governor in more than six years.
Associated Press
Jan 3, 2013


The Columbus Dispatch (http://bit.ly/UjYLXk ) reports that the trip by Kasich to the annual global economic summit in the Alps will be tied to his plan to better align worker-training programs to meet the needs of advanced manufacturers.

It will be the first overseas trip by an Ohio governor since then-Gov. Bob Taft went to Mexico in October 2006.

Kasich's staff is still pulling together details of his stay at the Jan. 23-27 forum. The event will draw some of the world's richest and most powerful people to discuss an array of economic issues.



Taxed Enough Already

How much is this costing us?


Sounds solid to me. If Ohio is going to poise itself to attract global manufacturers, we need to be able to provide an appropriately trained workforce. The networking alone that he will have the opportunity to do justifies the money spent, in my opinion.


Must be taking some money there to hide before his taxes go up ; ))))

Taxed Enough Already


The Big Dog's back

In this economic climate? C'mon right wingers, where's the outrage?


Al Gore sold his TV station to Al-Jazeera......talk about outrage?

Just wait, Michelle has another trip to Spain for a tax payer funded couple million dollars.....


"The privatized JobsOhio will pay for Kasich and his aides to attend the forum."

If Gov. Kasich can network some jobs for OH, maybe even the liberals will be appreciative.


Licorice Schtick

And if he likes it there and doesn't come back, I'll be REALLY appreciative.


Geez Kasick the $$ you spent on the Turnpike Study could have paid for this. Or the rai$e$ you & your cronies got. pdb


Good for him........stay there!