Allstate adding 136 new jobs in Ohio

Allstate says it's planning to add 136 new jobs in Ohio.
Associated Press
Jan 2, 2013


The insurance company said Wednesday that it plans to appoint 12 new insurance-agency owners in Columbus and hire 36 licensed sales representatives for new and existing agencies in the region.

The Columbus Dispatch ( ) reports that remaining jobs will be throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton and Akron.

State figures show Allstate was No. 3 in total auto-insurance premiums in Ohio 2011 and No. 2 in homeowners' insurance premiums.

Mary Bonelli, spokeswoman for the Ohio Insurance Institute, says the new jobs Allstate is bringing to Ohio reflect an industry that will need insurance professionals in the years to come. About half of the state's insurance work force is expected to turn over by 2025 as baby boomers retire.



John Harville

Really? A year ago Allstate 'bankrupted' its homeowner company and created a new one because Hurrican Katrina had exhausted its reserves. The result was that roofs damaged in storms were declined replacement because of age - though the roofs were 'old' when Allstate insured them. The company found ways to deny homeowner claims because the hurricane had wiped out the company. Beware. This company pays agents and assessors and inspectors to misrepresent facts and insure houses that are unrecognizable when compared to the actual house - age, construction, square-footage, rooms, condition - and the Department of Insurance protects the company.


Hope they pay their employees, cause they sure don't pay their towing service providers


I dropped them when my insurance had almost tripled in 3 years. I did an online quote and agent when I bought my house it was the best price. It went up every year for three years and almost was triple. I also then had a small claim for hail damage from a storm and it went up AGAIN.....we then found out they are the WORST insurance company for "vicious" dogs. I own a rottie and they would have dropped me instantly. We found a new company and are much happier.


ALLSTATE stinks!!! Don't even get then for your auto insurance...i got rear-ended almost a year ago by a guy who just wanted to leave and have me take care of things...ALLSTATE refuses to pay my chiropratic bill or my exray at the hospital...they sent me a check and i sent it back cause it only gave me like $50 for pain and suffering... It's not right...I was the one injured.. I may have not been hit at 50 miles per hour but none the less...I was hit and my car needed repaired... They told me to go to the chiroprator and I did now they refuse to pay for the visits....


Gotta love those of you who complain at the lack of jobs and then complain at job creation. SMH

Dr. Information

^agree can't win with these people.


one has to be selective to a certain extent. working for a corrupt or bad company robs the soul. stick with Nationwide or Progressive.


I had a bad experience with Allstate with my homeowners insurance. It took me six months to get a claim handled because they thought I was going to just accept their check and go away. It was a challenge and frustrating at the same time, but I hung in there and got what was owed to me.


Allstate is pretty much like all the rest of the large corporations that rule us and the politicians love!


We are dropping Allstate because they upped our rate after the fifth year. I thought it was just us, but reading all this, now I am glad we are.

I had Progressive once..never again. We've been told try Nationwide, State Farm or Farmers. Any suggestions?


@ wiredmama222:

State Farm: Now, always and forever.

Mutual co. The policyholders own the co., THEY are the stockholders.

Go interview an agent.