2012 among hottest years on record in Ohio cities

It turns out 2012 was one of the hottest on record in several Ohio cities.
Associated Press
Jan 2, 2013


Thanks to an unusually warm spring followed by a hot summer, Cleveland and Columbus both had their highest average annual temperatures this past year. Both cities broke records set in 1998.

Columbus had an average temperature of 56 degrees in 2012.

Toledo, Cincinnati and Dayton all fell short of breaking their records. But it was still among the five hottest years those cities have posted.

State climatologist Jeffrey Rogers says more and more evidence points to climate change for the spiking temperatures. He tells The Columbus Dispatch that the state has had decades of rising temperatures since the 1960s.




All that hot air from the politicians.....of both parties.


Cities tend to be hotter because concrete absorbs heat and urban areas are expanding.

And other parts of the nation were cooler in 2012.

To the High Priests of the Church of Climate Change, it’s GOTTA be global warming regardless whether the temps are up or down.

Dr. Information

Don't worry folks. The hot air is just Al Gore breathing in excitement for selling his Current TV, television station to Al-Jazeera for a smooth 100 million dollars.