Monroeville man charged for burning his house

A Monroeville man is in hot water after allegedly setting fire to a vacant house on his property Saturday on Patten Tract Road.
Emil Whitis
Jan 1, 2013


Charles Williams, 22, was charged with failure to have proper permission for open burn; deliberate or negligent burning; failure to gain prior approval from local air and water authorities before burning; starting a fire within 50 feet of another structure; and failing to attend a burn. 

Neighbor Nichole Fisher looked out her window at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday and saw flames shooting from the remains of a vacant home not 30 feet away. 

“I had three children and a baby in my house,” Fisher said. “I was upset to say the least.” 

For more on why Williams said he set fire to the house, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.



He could've called the Fire Dept. first to see if they wanted to torch it themselves just for practice. They do it all the time. But hey, look at his age.


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Licorice Schtick

No explanation for why he was not charged with arson? Come on, Emil!


It isn't considered arson when the house is your own, and the person had to have acted willfully and out of malice. The guy burnt it down to get rid of it from his property. I was told that it was uninhabitable. There was no malicious intent hence the reason he was not charged with arson.




I drive by this property almost everyday and one thing that was failed to be mention by anyone including the register is that this was not a structure at all it was a couple of sections of roof sitting on the floor of the former house as the rest of the house had already been demolished and cleaned up. Also from what I have been told the man they are accusing was not even home at the time of the fire