Nation's leaders avoid raising milk prices to $8 per gallon

Local milk prices should stay round $3 to $4 per gallon.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 1, 2013


By extending a farm bill Sunday, politicians in Washington, D.C., avoided souring the new year for dairy farmers, local pasteurizing plants and ice cream lovers throughout America.

But, just like milk's short shelf life, officials only agreed to a temporary solution expiring in 12 months — re-igniting fears of milk prices darting to possibly $8 a gallon by 2014.

For more on the farm bill extension and what it means for local dairy producers, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.


Whiskey Tango F...

falsely deflating the price of milk only promises to falsely inflate other prices. Honestly i don't know if anyone has ever taken economics that make these decisions. If milk truly costs $8 / gallon, then so be it. We are all adults and we will shift our finances to accept it. What was pork barrelled into this BS? We are tired of the games. A free market with real prices can help to fix this. Where does the $4 per gallon of milk come from? Taxes or printing? (no one is dumb enough to buy your bonds!!!)

Really are you ...

The cows. They need to get paid. The standing, sleeping, grazing, and standing in a packed room full of other cows with these machines hanging off their utters. And forgot about the 5 cents it takes to make a plastic bottle. O yeah and from the transportation aspect, if broken down, it must cost close to three dollars in fuel to transport one gallon of milk. There are a few things I left out. But anyway, our country is turning into a joke.

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I guess my next drink will be a White Russian, it may be subsidized!


The artificial price supports for milk may be either good or bad. The biggest problem is that the calculations are really, really, REALLY old! This is one of those infamous programs so many of us rail against that, once instituted, has been impossible to get rid of.

SHOULD we get rid of it? I don't know. The mohair subsidy (instituted during WW II to support the manufacture of Army uniforms) is clearly outdated and now wasteful. The milk subsidy? Maybe it's the same thing. Or maybe the math just needs to be reworked. Either way, something should be done BESIDES kicking the can into 2014!


When I see a herd of cattle it sometimes reminds me of the mentality of a growing number of the U.S. population whose desire it is for publicly provided "cash and prizes":

They get free food, water and medical care and are eventually slaughtered.

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At 6:30 this morning while checking out at Meijer, I had another EBT receipt fall out with mine. It seem that ever other time I shop the person in front of me used the card.


The closest thing to eternal life is a government program...


OMG....this can't be serious. I want the franchise on this one. I wonder what the cows make on their ads on Chick must be a bundle. They ran them all day yesterday. So the milk can't go up that much. I saw eat mor chiken at least every ten minutes for that entire game. They must have made a hundred thous. an ad


I feel sorry for the ones who make min. wage, they have to work one hour for a gallon of milk, one hour for toliet paper, ect... I don't know how a person is going to survive.

Whiskey Tango F...

the first three words that come to mind... BEG, BORROW & STEAL. Or just sign up for all the cash and prizes. " what do we have behind door number three Johnny?" A FREE PHONE!!!

I got all four of my baby mommas signed up for the free phone for christmas!


Would that have applied to chocolate milk?


Milk is for calves. Human consumption of dairy products leads to sickness/illness, and shortens your life. Dairy lobbyists will tell you it's needed in your diet to promote good health when in fact it's to pad their wallets thicker. We are at the highest point in research and technology now more than any time in history yet we have more death and younger people dying more than ever. Do yourself and loved ones a favor and eliminate dairy from your life. If you think this is BS then continue your intake of dairy. It will create more hospital employees, funeral homes, grave yards, and lower unemployment. Isn't it about time you were told the truth?


That's interesting, never heard this. Thank goodness for google...I'll have to do some searching on this.

Could be like our famed food pyramid - actually based on feeding livestock.


Exactly! Myths are everywhere. Just because it IS edible doesn't mean the human body evolved to eat it most effectively! I remain convinced that many of the problems we see today in children (obesity, absurdly early puberty, hyperactivity/autism/ADD, etc.) are the result of artificial hormones, various chemical additives, etc. in the food supply.

Look at the so-called "caveman diet." THAT'S how our bodies are pre-programmed to be most efficient. Lots of greens, some fruits, lots of proteins, and NOT a lot of grains. Virtually no dairy at all. The only reason cavemen didn't live as long as we do is because they had to actively go out and get their food and, when they couldn't find it, suffer accordingly. With availability (not to mention modern medical care) the vast majority of us have no excuse to be as unhealthy as we are!


And dont forget about the big reptiles with teeth that the cavemen had to deal with.


????????????? Neolithic man and dinosaurs?????????????


prices should stay round


I say let the price spike. Human consumption of cows milk is part of the obesity epidemic in this country anyway. If the price of cows milk spikes, the price of almond and soy milk will surely plummet as demand skyrockets- all the while promoting a healthy lifestyle change.


You have your law of supply and demand reversed oh wise Jewish one.