FEMA, ReadyOhio urges cellphone smarts in disaster

Disaster response agencies in Ohio are urging smartphone owners to learn some tricks for using their devices during emergencies.
Associated Press
Jan 1, 2013


The Federal Emergency Management Agency, Ready and ReadyOhio offered tips as part of the "Resolve to be Ready in 2013" campaign. The effort follows a year marked by 34 tornadoes, two significant winter storms, and Superstorm Sandy.

FEMA's Ready campaign emphasizes the role of technology in disaster preparedness plans for individuals, families and businesses.

Things you can do? Store important personal and financial documents in the cloud or on a portable flash drive for easy access, and learn how to send text and Internet updates to your email and social network contacts using your phone.

A Resolve 2B Ready toolkit with further suggestions is available online at http://www.ready.gov.




Bite me fat cat. Like I'm gonna throw all my data where YOU can get ahold of it very easily? I know you can already, but it takes some digging.


a flash drive would be better than on the 'net.