Top 10 of 2012: Bellevue dream season comes up just short

Community and school swept up in football playoffs
Mark Hazelwood
Dec 30, 2012



What a year it’s been for the Redmen. 
As arguably the most consistent program in local football history, there was one vacant accomplishment in 115 years of Bellevue Redmen football.
And in a four-week stretch, the elusive goal of reaching Stark County and playing for a state championship was finally achieved. The Redmen used three heart-stopping wins in the final seconds to reach the Division III state championship at Canton’s Fawcett Stadium.
The Redmen were tied at 14-14 in the final minute of the first half in the title game against Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary, and trailed just 21-14 with 13 minutes left in the game. A fake punt gamble by the Fighting Irish paid off in the form of a 41-yard touchdown, which broke the Redmen’s back on an eventual 42-21 loss.
It couldn’t take away the glisten of a magical season that saw a blue-collar railroad town with 13,000-plus people rally around the team.
The Redmen claim 27 league championships in their program’s history. No other school has won more league titles. They’ve had 31 seasons of eight wins or more — that’s 27 percent of the time for a program that dates back nearly 12 decades. And 570 all-time wins? It’s enough victories to put Bellevue in the Top 15 in Ohio history.
Fully 418 of those wins have come in the last 60 years, when Bellevue has had just three different head coaches in that span. The current coach, Ed Nasonti, played for the previous two. They’ve had 14 playoff appearances in 32 seasons. Only two other area programs — Huron and St. Paul — saw as many visits to November football.
Bellevue’s appearance was the 12th state championship game for an area team in the 41-year history of state football playoffs, an average of about once every three to four years. The others were Norwalk (1974), Clyde (1995), Perkins (1999) and St. Paul (2009) have come away with championship wins, while Margaretta (1986), St. Mary C.C. (1990), Huron (1993) and Bellevue (2012) suffered losses.
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Congrats again on a wonderful season REDMEN!!!


It was a great season. One we will not soon forget. They fought hard for every honor they received.
The print addition has the triple murder as the top story. What was the point of voting for top story if the SR doesn't know how to count?

John Harville

Just a note... Clyde was state runnerup in 1994 and returned in 1995 to take the title - the only team in the area to make it to the big game twice.
So, Redmen. Make '13 your luckier year.


Amazing how the Sandusky Register had to extend the voting for two more days. What a joke! Bellevue Football was the top story when the deadline came up. Add two more days so you can get the word out to show another negative that Sandusky has to offer the community. Top murder city in the area. Congratulations on another poor move by the Register staff, joke of a paper.


Can I just say, so what!? What about other stories that are more important. Like Randleman finally plead guilty to killing officer Dunn?


The vote is in and done. STFU.