Ohio mom indicted on charges she threw baby

A northwest Ohio woman who police say caused the death of her 6-month-old son by throwing him has been indicted on a murder charge.
Associated Press
Dec 29, 2012


The (Toledo) Blade reports that 25-year-old Amanda Bacon was indicted Thursday by a Lucas County grand jury on charges of murder and child endangering.

Police accuse the Toledo woman of throwing Avery Glynn Bacon against a hard surface, causing multiple skull fractures and brain damage. He died at a hospital Dec. 18.

Police say it's not clear when the abuse occurred. The boy was taken to a hospital early on Dec. 16.

She was being held with a $1 million bond. Jail records didn't indicate if she had an attorney.



The Answer Person

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Why would you ask this question. And even if she is, why do the rest of us need to know?

The Answer Person

Curious that it is in the Sandusky Register if it has no relation to the immediate area?


the answer person is asking a question that no one will likely answer. why would it matter? postpartum depression defense and 10 to 15 in prison.


Murder - eternity in he!!


So sad.


Answer Person - that's a negative. Check this link, number four - http://www.ussearch.com/consumer...

Also, the fact a baby was thrown in NW Ohio makes it a Register story.

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Well that's good news although we have enough death these days.

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Looks like a druger to me!


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Double post?




wtf!!?!!so sickening