Port Clinton's Walleye drop could be featured on Letterman

Wylie the Walleye is a big fish in the small pond of Port Clinton, but he's poised to swim into a national TV spotlight.
Tom Jackson
Dec 28, 2012


The 20-foot-long, 600-pound fiberglass fish will be lowered from a crane in downtown Port Clinton to celebrate the passage into 2013. It's an annual Port Clinton ritual known as the "walleye drop."

The David Letterman Show phoned Port Clinton's Internet radio station, WPCR, and got permission to use the station's live feed of the celebration, which will air beginning at 10:45 p.m. Monday at portclintonradio.com. Letterman apparently is fishing for unusual New Year's celebrations, said Greg Peiffer, president and general manager of the station and a member of Port Clinton's Walleye Madness Committee.

The Letterman show producer said Wylie might air anytime from 11:35 p.m. to midnight on New Year's Eve, Peiffer said.




The important things never get national attention.


Do they understand that this is because Letterman want to poke fun at them and use it to make the nation laugh at Port Clinton, or is that ok with the region?


Why would they laugh at them for having fun?


well, it is pretty stupid. sane people do not stand outside in freezing cold weather to watch anything drop. they stay inside to keep warm and get drunk.


Serve Letterman a nice dish of walleye with a helping of algae on the side. Yum yum

Mr. D

Who cares if they laugh, joke or sing. . . Its great exposure for our area. Like it or not the Walleye Drop is a fun, family friendly New Year's Eve Celebration for everyone to enjoy; even David Letterman! So come on out, you might just have an opportunity to have a little fun!!!

Mr. D

By the way, the Walleye Drop is family friendly with activities and entertainment suitable for all ages. The event is alcohol free so there is no drinking allowed in the street. . . The fireworks are fantastic!!!