Settlement reached in Ohio anonymous bloggers case

A settlement has been announced in an Ohio lawsuit that pitted a blog site against a high school student and his family seeking to learn the identities of people who posted about a rape investigation involving two high school football players.
Associated Press
Dec 28, 2012


 two players in Steubenville in eastern Ohio were charged in August with rape after a girl's parents reported a sexual assault to police.

A student sued a blogger and anonymous blog posters after comments alleged he may have been involved in the incident but not charged.

Under a settlement announced Thursday, the student's family dropped their lawsuit and attempt to learn the posters' identities.

Scott Greenwood, an attorney representing the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio, calls the settlement a win for free speech.




I don't see how anyone wins with this settlement other than monetarily. Freedom of speech was squelched with the settlement. On both sides.

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quite the contrary. No money changed hands, and the suit was dismissed without the blogger admitting anything or limiting his speech in any way.