ODOT promises around-the-clock service, warns drivers

The Ohio Department of Transportation said Wednesday afternoon more than 100 crews will work 12-hour shifts in the agency's Northcentral Ohio district to keep roads clear as the snow piles up.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 26, 2012


The agency also advised drivers to slow down and reduce driving as much as possible during the storm. It released the following statement:

As snow continues to fall throughout this massive winter storm, Ohio Department of Transportation District 3 will work in 12-hour shifts with more than 100 crews on the roads in Ashland, Crawford, Erie, Huron, Lorain, Medina, Richland and Wayne Counties. ODOT snow and ice forces will be staffed around the clock through the duration of this storm.

ODOT expects snow to persist through the afternoon and evening hours. It has been forecasted that snow will fall at a rate of about an inch or two per hour. Wind gusts could exceed 35 mph, accounting for blowing and drifting snow. ODOT’s best advice today, In Ice & Snow, Take it Slow … or just don’t go!

For those who must travel, be safe by following these tips:

Plan Ahead: Before leaving home, find out about driving conditions by going to ODOT’s premier website www.BuckeyeTraffic.org. Safe drivers know the weather, and their limits. Also, follow ODOT on Facebook and Twitter.

See and be Seen: Remove any snow on your vehicle’s windows, lights, brake lights and signals.

Check the Clock: Leave plenty of time to reach your destination safely. It’s not worth putting yourself and others in a dangerous situation just to be on time.

Turn on your Lights: If you need to turn on your wipers, turn on your headlights. It’s the law.


Good 2 B Me

I have been out in Erie County all day. I have not seen one single snow plow. Most of my time was spent on RT 250.


I live out by the by pass and there has not been one snow removal truck on the by pass the traffice is really moving slow. So if they are out where are they????

2cents's picture

Thanks guys and gals, a lot of road to plow when it is coming down like it has been. Drive safe everyone and remember 4 wheel drive helps you get going faster, you still stop like a ton of bricks like other drivers!


Sorry to say but I went from Huron to Upper Sandusky and back and you could tell when you left Erie county because the roads were just wet and weren't snow covered and it was the same exact weather that you were driving through all the way there and back. The difference was that there was salt on the ground and plow trucks, and I am guessing the roads were pretreated also. Route 2 wash horrible all the way again til the county lines changed when I went to Lorain to pick my wife up from work at about 7:30 tonight. I don't know if Erie county is just cheap and doesn't want to do any more than they have too or what but something needs done that's for sure!