County budgets for 2013 projects

Several Erie County officials share the same New Year's resolution: They all want to improve infrastructure.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 25, 2012


From social workers to the sheriff, county officials collectively want $401,000 in taxpayer funds to either bolster buildings or restore outdated amenities in the coming year.

The three Erie County commissioners, who oversee the county's $26 million budget, will decide what projects receive funding in the coming weeks.
Among the requests: replacing the roof and sidewalks at the Erie County Job and Family Services building, at 221 W. Parish St.
Commissioners have strived to handle maintenance issues on an as-needed basis, but recent budget constraints haven't allowed them to pursue capital improvement projects.
"Next year doesn't look any better for our new revenues," Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo said. "We're predicting our revenues will be flat."
 Read more about how commissioners plan to spend the county's money in today's Register or e-paper.



Could someone please explain why the sidewalks need to be replaced at the Jobs and Family Services building ? Do we need to just spend money for the sake of spending money?

Restore outdated amenities ? People don't have food and shelter and we are worried about outdated amenities. Please!

Pat Shenigo said," We're predicting our revenues will be flat." Folks, that means no new money. But, our government bureaucrats need updated amenities. Stop this nonsense.


I think they fear being sued if someone falls on their way in or out of the facilities because of bad sidewalks. It's just a guess, but if someone were to fall down because a sidewalk isn't maintained, it would be their fault.

Just like if they fell indoors on a non-maintained linoleum floor that is bad. Again, just a guess. So they will fix and repair so they don't get sued by anyone using the facilities rather than lay out money for food stamps or welfare.


I was thinking the same thing, with as many people on some form of assistance, the sidewalks are probably pretty beat up. They'll probably need a new building for the multitudes that will be clamoring at the door if our elected officials don't get some form of compromise in DC.



I hate to admit it but you are right. Those supported by entitlement are looking for a total free ride by the government. What better way than suing the hand that provides food, shelter, warmth, clothing, transportation and a cell phone. No personal responsibility to pay attention where they are walking. Our country is so screwed up.


No money? Funny every month I pay my child support I have to pay a $40.00 "fee" ....


I made a point of driving through the DJFS parking lot today. The parking lot is fine and doesn't need to be resurfaced. Aside from a slight dip between the curb and a section of sidewalk, the sidewalk is fine. It looks like it settled because it was poorly installed the first time around.


No matter what the subject, someone always has to make a remark about the poor and those needing assistance.

Dr. Information

^Big difference between those that need help and those that wont help themselves and suck on the government. Those that truly need assistance are dying out, those that want everyone else to pay their way.....growing by leaps and bounds.


Lest we forget the tax revenues that are suppoed to flow from the four new casinos.

Wonder how much we need for the dump?