Perkins Township Hall almost done

Crews building Perkins Township trustees' most expensive project ever have completed all major construction work.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 25, 2012



Now, the township's new headquarters just needs its tenants to stay there for another 50 years to declare this controversial project a success.

Perkins police operations, including the area where people file police reports, will tentatively open for business in the new Township Hall by mid-January.

While they can't give an exact date, township officials said they should begin moving police resources from the Erie County Sheriff's Office to 2610 Columbus Ave. in early January.

Read more about the new facility in today's Register or e-paper.


The Answer Person



That building is ugly. Does that roof have a bow to it or is that the fault of the camera lens? What was the purpose of the pillars and that blue whatsamacallit? I see wasted money in that building that serves no purpose. Bend over Perkins people, you will be paying for this.

Dont Worry Be Happy

The building is paid for Perkinsvoter so that means you won't be paying for any of it.


Where's the front door?


Roadside rest stop comes to mind......smh


Remember it's government. Functional is not an option.


It isn't THAT bad. Its a building, and if the inside works, who cares what it looks like outside? I take it the front doors are protected by that piece in front...good idea during wind storms and inclemant weather. You go in on either side? If it houses all the needed Perkins Twp. needs, then it serves its perpose.

Function is everything, beauty isn't needed.

The Answer Person

Now that is the perfect Sandusky approach. "who cares what it looks like on the outside?".

People with taste who do not want outdated 1980s construction probably care.


I do have taste, it's a nice building. It's modern. I care more about the INSIDE and what it looks like than the outside....just like I care about people. What is on the inside far outways what the outside appears.

You said it was "hideous". I don't think it is that at all. I suspect it is quite functional and it appears quite modern outside.


it's 100% bigger and better than the old one...thats all that matters

Keep Focused

The picture here is at least one month old. The building does have an unusual looking front door that won't look right until the roadway and landscapping are finished. We will hsve to wait until spring for all this to be complete.


If don't plan on doing anything wrong, why would you need to know where the front is??


Is it a jail or a hospital, or a church? Nothing says community or township hall like a "welcoming" giant masonry slab wall. Is it me or does it look similar to all the new Firelands Hospital satellite buildings? It would have been nice to see the architect use some creativity to create an impactful building and not something that looks like it was designed in the mid-90's. In my opinion it looks lame and already outdated.