Habitat works Christmas miracle for family

In eight weeks, frenzied Habitat for Humanity volunteers pieced together an entire house from the ground up.
Emil Whitis
Dec 24, 2012


It’s been dubbed “a Christmas Miracle.”

The foundation was poured in late October, and the group finished painting on Dec. 8.
“We wanted them to be able to move in before Christmas,” Firelands Habitat for Humanity Executive director Mike McCall said. “I think that’s faster than we’ve ever built a house."
First-time homeowners Alex Fearing, 26, and his fiancée Amanda Trushel, 27, along with their two daughters Ardielee, 7, and Lilly, 4, finished moving from their cramped apartment Sunday with a full day to spare before the holiday.
To get a Habitat home candidates are required to put in 500 hours of “sweat time” — they’re required to give before they get.
“(Fearing and Trushel) worked hard all summer on other people’s houses,” McCall said. “They were very dedicated to getting a house as quickly as possible."
McCall said it was the couple’s work ethic left an impression. He said it normally takes recipients anywhere from 18 months to two years to amass their 500 hours. Fearing and Trushel got it done in just seven months.
Read more about the work that went into the family's new house in today's Register or e-paper.



Congrats!!! This is what America is all about. Some may sit in judgement but these people worked very hard and earned any and all help. Merry Christmas to all involved!


god bless this family


the other day a saying came to mind "judge not lest ye be judged" is it possible that the people that write all the mean rude things on this site are just insecure lonely people with no friends that dont have any kind of social lives so they use this site to try and belittle others to make themselves feel better? too sad there is enough pain and suffering in the world lets not add to it merry christmas to everyone


People may not understand that habitat houses are not gifts; the homeowners have a mortgage on the property, just like everyone else. That is why they have to have the finances to qualify. Habitat just gives them an affordable way to purchase a home. How wonderful for this family to celebrate Christmas in their own home!!!


Merry Christmas to this family. I hope your home is filled with love and peace for years to come.


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