Willard police aim for dogs, shoot woman

Willard police executing a search warrant at a residence Wednesday afternoon mistakenly shot a woman in the foot.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 20, 2012


According to a statement from the department, a resident saw police arrive with a warrant to a residence in the 600 block of Pleasant St., Willard, shortly before 2 p.m. and bolted for his apartment.

As he opened the door, two large pit bulls ran from the apartment and charged the officers that were pursuing the man.

As the dogs approached, one of the officers fired his service weapon at them and fell while trying to retreat. Other officers then joined in shooting at the dogs as the dogs approached the officer on the ground. 

In the melee, a bullet hit the foot of a female bystander, who has not been identified. She was taken by Willard EMS to Mercy Hospital where she was later released. The officer who fell also suffered injuries and was treated at Mercy Hospital.

The Huron County Dog Warden's office arrived and captured one of the pit bulls, which was struck by a bullet. The dog warden took the animal to a veterinary clinic. It was later released.

Kyle Zarcone, 19, and Anthony Hicks, 19, were both arrested on charges of drug possession, and Willard police seized evidence of drug trafficking and a safe. Additional charges may be filed after review by the law director.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification has been called in to conduct a review of the shooting.

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Good 2 B Me

Name of the cop?


There's a lawsuit for ya! Nice shooting, did you learn that from the Cleveland cops?


pursing? I think you meant pursuing. Willard=Heroin Haven. Drug dealers don't deserve to have dogs. Or freedom. Lock em up and throw away the key. I imagine the dog was only released to the dog warden which will put it down. Shame but generally necessary if they will run out the front door and attack.


They probably attacked to protect their owner. Druggies should not have children or animals~THEY are the only ones that suffer!


Sorry about the double posts all of the time~it tells me my post won't post until I use the "verify" then it posts twice and does not let me edit one of them either


User error.....lol!


Maybe we need new gun laws to protect these users!!!


Or maybe the users could have taken advantage of the ccw law and fired back.


Nope, the CCW law doesn't give you the right to shoot a cop that was shooting at a dog. At least you gave it a good anti-gun try.


It is a fact that you're more likely to be shot accidentally by police, than a licensed CCW carrier.


Seriously? I never heard that anywhere. Can you give me a link to where you got that fact? But I guess it could make sense since the cops are involved in more dangerous situations and there may even be more CCW permit holders than cops as well.

Dr. Information

Well thats almost like saying its more likely to be in a Tornado in Oklamhoma vs Ohio. Cops have to use their guns 100000x more than the avg CCW gun toting American, therefore more accidents are going to happen. Simply math and logic.


most cops go their entire career without using their guns. ccw nuts are craving for the opportunity to use their weapons, your attitude exemplifies that.


Next time police shoot a bad guy dead, and his friends say " Why didn't they just shoot him in the leg?" point to this. Small moving targets are hard to hit.
As for being more likely to be shot by police than CCW holder, most CCW holders never draw their weapons. Its like saying you are more likely to be hit by a taxi than a person who owns a car but doesn't drive it.


shot by cop, hit by taxi, either way it's a true statement


You're right when you say it's hard to hit moving objects. I hunt rabbits with a shotgun and miss (once in a great great while) and it is much easier to hit a moving target with a shotgun than a pistol.


This won't turn out well.


He couldn't tell which one was the dog.


The Unholy Trinity: drugs - guns - pits.


LMAO! You don't mind if I borrow that one, do you?


When you see a cops chasing a guy, stay in your house. I guess just maybe, She wanted to get a closer look. I wonder if she'll be flat-footed?

G George I du kno

You hang out with #$@&bags and #$@& happens!

The sad part is most drug dealers have vicious dogs and use them as weapons against other dealers and the cops when they show up to take their drugs. The dogs are just protecting and being loyal to their master and are willing to die for them. It's sad for the dog! Instead of gun control laws they should make a law that if you have ever been convicted of selling drugs you can never own certain breeds of dogs. Of course bad guys will ignore this just as they ignore gun laws.


I wonder if the officer got shot also, by his partner or did he just twist his ankle?

sandtown born a...

Why arent these pit bulls outlawed? Oh yeah its not the dogs fault its the idiot owners does this sound farmiliar

nosey rosey

Exactly true. Irresponsible owners give the breed a bad reputation. Just like thugs breed thug children, thugs breed thug dogs.


it's not the dogs fault, pitbulls are one of the most loyal and protective breeds around, that's why they're called nanny dogs


exactly nosey rosey, I think that was the point sandtown born was making. It's not the dog exactly the same way that its not the gun that kills, it's the criminal holding the gun ... the one who DOES NOT follow laws, the one who does and will break any and every law because they believe laws do not apply to them. Outlaw Pitts and only criminals will own them .... outlaw guns and only criminals will own them. CCW holders don't commit crimes using guns, they might; however, save someone whom a crime is being committed against.

Swamp Fox

In the officer's defense I can see the confusion, have you seen some of the women in Willard. No pit bulls are not outlawed, some people should be banned from having any pet....


Like. That was funny. : )

tdluvpit's picture

Another incident of gun-happy cops shooting pit bulls! An investigation should be done & these cops should be disciplined. These incidents are happening almost on a daily basis. I doubt very much that the police were "charged" by these dogs. There is a hatred & fear of pit bull breed dogs in our society that promotes what I call a doggie holocaust. The owner needs to sue, contact the Lexus Project on facebook immediately for legal representation. The day a cop shoots my Staffie aka pit bull is the day I am a rich old lady living in a mansion on a hill- I would sue the hell out of everyone involved. Police need to be trained on how to understand dogs, rather than shooting & killing them at every opportunity. I am a proud pit bull owner & am not a thug or druggie! Shame on those who say pit bulls go hand in hand with thugs! It is simply not true!