Ohio expands school safety training for educators

Ohio will expand safety training for educators across the state to reflect the reality that those inside a school are the first to face danger when a gunman enters a school building, the state attorney general and Ohio's top education official announced Wednesday.
Associated Press
Dec 19, 2012


Attorney General Mike DeWine also said he would support allowing a trained school official access to a gun during the school day if he were a school board member, but said such decisions should be up to each district.

Statistics show school shooters do most of their damage in the first minute or two of entering a school, so it's unrealistic to think a traditional first responder will be there in time, DeWine said.

"We cannot unless we barricade every school in this country assure that there's never going to be a problem," DeWine said. "But what we can do, and what it's our moral obligation to do as citizens, as elected officials, is to minimize the risk, increase our odds of kids surviving and decrease the odds of something happening."

DeWine said the majority of school safety plans do not meet new guidelines published by his safety task force for such plans, and he will be working with districts to improve those.

Under the plan announced Wednesday, the state police training academy will train educators around Ohio to deal with a shooter. DeWine is also expanding his school safety task force to include mental health officials.

"It is not just a question of what you do when you have an active shooter," DeWine said. "It is how you stop an active shooter from being there. It's how you identify an active shooter."

Parents and guardians have to believe their children are safe at school, said Michael Sawyers, acting state schools superintendent.

"Productive learning environments cannot occur in our state without having safe learning environments for school," he said.

The announcement follows last week's Connecticut massacre in which a gunman shot his mother at home, then entered Sandy Hook Elementary School where he fatally shot 20 students and six adults before taking his life.

DeWine said the announcement was also a follow-up to school safety issues raised by last February's shooting in Chardon that killed three students.

The teen suspect, T.J. Lane, goes on trial next month. Investigators have said Lane, who filed an insanity plea, admitted shooting at students but couldn't say why.



Whiskey Tango F...

please acknowledge strange behavior as strange. Quiet, "loner", picked on, not involved in extra activities...We all seem to notice after it is too late.
Lock up the guns, IN A SAFE, lock up the ammo, IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION!
Take responsibility for you children and your guns!
Get them help before it happens here.
I said it on other posts... The media is the fuel these kids are running on, the gun is their vehicle of choice to get there.


I agree. If they want to do something about this type of violence, how about congress making a law forbidding the media from reporting on events such as this for more than one day? One day is enough. When the media continues to plaster this all over for several weeks ad nauseum, it only serves to glorify the killer and give them the fame that they were seeking. Another day of the SR reporting on Sandy Hook with a story about someone locally knowing the principal is really overkill. Enough already!!!


If you don't like it ......
Don't read the article
Change the channel
Switch to a different station
Don't post comments

Myself and others do care about this tragedy and it isn't over. I believe the media is doing there job in this case


The quiet, loner guy is not always the culprit. I think the safety issue needs to start by taking note of your child's behavior and trying to make sure you are an involved parent. I agree, the media is a big problem. Kids think it is cool to videtape your schoolmates beating up each other or to see the fights on the so called reality shows. The media thrives on confrontation.


"Gun Free" zones are a open invitation for the people who what to do crime, robbery, murder etc. Look at the statistics, the locations that DO NOT have a sign that says "No Guns" are almost never the target of attacks/crime. The "criminal" will ignore the sign. As a store owner, school administrator, bank teller would you rather have a law abiding citizen in your location armed and trained to carry a weapon or would you rather have that person in your location with their weapon locked in their vehicle when the criminal walks in and puts a gun to your head...I no longer visit stores, eaterys, carry outs banks etc. that do not allow me to carry my sidearm.


I think that the kids should be educated too, to a certain extent, and age appropriate. Nothing scary or political, just show them the difference between the real ones and the toy ones. They have education about fires, the dangers of smoking and drugs, and talking to strangers. Maybe now is the time to teach them about weapons, specifically guns. Also, what to do if you hear shots,etc. etc. A veteran or police officer would be a good person to teach something like this. I think it's long overdue.



I spent 35 years in my last business location. The only one that had access to a gun in my shop was me. I didn't have a sign, didn't need one. I had customers that were LE and at my request they left the guns in the trunk. The last thing I wanted was for someone to get into a pissing contest with a cop and grab for his gun. Put guns on teachers and you are inviting some kid to make a grab for the gun.....I really don't want the NRA running this country.


And for those 35 years we taught our kids that there were Consequences for their actions. Now there are too many things let to slip by or we just say "that is how it is these days". There are no consequences fot kids behaviour and they do whatever they want instead of what is right. BUT glad you never had to tell a employees spouse/parent there were killed while they had their gun "in the trunk"


Let's arm teachers. Then pi$$ them off. I said...sit down....