Sandusky students fight school uniform rules

These teenagers are organized rebels with a cause.
Melissa Topey
Dec 19, 2012

Sandusky High students William Gilbert, 16, a junior, and DeMaje Jones, 15, a sophomore, are organizing a petition drive to change the school's uniform code. They want it relaxed, even if it's just allowing kids to wear more colors, rather than just navy or white shirts, Jones said.

"Why can't we express our style?" he said.

Click HERE to read about a study done on the affects of the uniform policy.

For more on the teen's effort's to change the uniform policy, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.


Uncommon Sense

I know of a couple of places that require uniforms and they are wildly successful at turning out disciplined kids. China and North Korea. Uniforms aren't teaching students how to dress for success. Uniforms at school teach students to conform to someone else's idea of what's best.

I know, I know... "some jobs have uniforms, so they should get used to it." Point taken. But when an employee puts on a uniform, he is representing a brand and he is being paid for it. And most careers that would be considered highly successful do not have uniforms. When's the last time you saw a doctor, law maker, attorney, business owner, accountant or drug rep wearing a uniform? They dress nicely and follow dress codes, but they do not wear uniforms. Prepare our kids for success, but don't make them mindless followers of rules like this.

Way to go boys! Keep up the good work!

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"Uniforms at school teach students to conform to someone else's idea of what's best."

No, they teach them the difference between inconsequential differences, like attire, and significant conformance, as in thought conformance. People who feel the need to express their identity through outward broadcast displays like their clothing value appearance over substance. Let your ACTIONS, WORDS, and IDEAS differentiate you, and don't sweat the fashion garbage.


The schools went to uniforms because kids "expressing themselves" meant kids wearing clothing that was so provocative (in any of several ways) that it was disruptive. And frankly, the condition of the uniforms in a lot of instances just proves any relaxation of the rules would be asking for more of the same.

Even with the rules as they are, I see kids on a regular basis that look like something the cat dragged in. Ever tucked in a shirt? Ever pulled out an iron? Ever had any respect for anybody or anything, including yourself? Just asking...


"Ever tucked in a shirt? Ever pulled out an iron?". Those two boys in the picture obviously have not.


Speak for yourself luvblues2. I'd be surprised if you even know how to use an iron. One of these guys is my friend, so try being respectful for once. Tucking in those types of shirts isn't always a clean and easy task.


I was in the military quite awhile back costello. I know how to iron, fold and tuck in a shirt in the proper way. There is a real simple way to tuck in a shirt. It's called the military tuck. Look it up.


Yeah, well that's another thing Sandusky City Schools didn't teach us.


Obviously. Perhaps you should bring it to your student council to consider? If you have to wear a uniform, they should teach you the proper way to wear it.


Additionally perhaps the school system should require daily close-order drilling with goose stepping?


+1 Contango. That was funny.

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might do a lot of good, actually


Nah. Goose stepping causes ankle and knee damage.


No need to be smart about it Contango. Some kids don't know how to properly tuck a shirt in.

Simmer down

I can honestly say i have saved money since the schools switched to uniforms.I had a hard time find clothes that were acceptable by my standards to wear to school,without spending a fortune.I spend approx a 100 on 3 pair of pants and 4 shirts.This almost gets one child thru the school year.That same 100 before uniforms would not buy 2 outfits,this is just my experience


I bought 4 pairs of pants and 5 shirts for a 100 bucks at a place called Community Closet. It is in the old Kerbers building.( across from Cobbs)


I agree with the kids here, I graduated not to long ago and there was no school uniforms. The main reason they enforced school uniforms was because the school system was too lazy to enforce the dress codes they had then. Personally if a kid wearing a red or orange polo is that big of a deal to the school board, and to some of the people on this site then you have a serious problem. The main argument is that kids "will start sagging their pants again" two issues with this first of all they still do it anyway no matter what pants they wear, and secondly if someone see's a person with their pants sagging don't look, turn your head. Last time I checked someone "sagging" their pants had no effects on my life, and caused no harm to me. Therefore if the kids want to wear more variety of shirt colors which let me remind you has nothing to do with pants, then let them. Once again people read the article, it does not at all say to get rid of the dress code, but instead let them wear more variety of colors then blue and white.

Everyday we tell our kids to make a change, even if it is a small one, and we tell them to fight for what they believe in, and what they feel is right. Then, when two kids stand up and challenge authority a little bit, and fight for some kind of change, what do we do? We tell them to stop crying, and deal with it, that is a great message to send, but for me what I will tell these kids if this is something they truly believe in, and what to see change then fight for it! Use the negative comments of others as fuel to fight more. I attended a seminar last month for my job, and the speaker said something that works here, she said "when we as a society see something we don't understand we immediately judge it." What these two young men are doing is wonderful, and I support them 100%.


You can let them wear what they wish in my eyes! This way local employers can see their real colors, review their social network activity and other activity as well before considering them for employment.


I am the mother of four children who all attend Sandusky City Schools. I have two children who are Seniors at the high school, a 3rd grader, and a kindergartner. I have to say that I personally LOVE that Sandusky has gone to uniforms!!.....I thought it would suck in the beginning, but there are so many plus sides to having our children wear them!.....Fact #1 has already been addressed on previous posts....The children are no longer able to wear low cut shirts, or ones with their stomachs hanging out,the boys cannot sag their pants to their knees, etc. Fact #2, as a single parent, uniforms are MUCH cheaper to pay for than the "must have" brand name clothing that many materialistic teenagers think that they can't live without these days!! Fact #3 has also been addressed....With uniforms, there seems to maybe be less bullying going on, because EVERYONE is required to dress the same...."Jack" can't pick on "Jill" because she wears jeans from Walmart and his have a tag on them that says American Eagle etc. Fact #4, Kids should be going to school to learn, not to have a gashion show!....If you want to show your "individuality", do it after school hours, or accessorize with cute jewelry, belts, shoes, jackets, etc!!.... You kids that are on this comment section complaining about having to wear uniforms to school should thank your lucky stars that you don't live in a third worl country where most kids don't even wear clothes or shoes, because tthey live in poverty...REAL poverty!!!!!......Get a grip in life and realize that to get anywhere in the world, you MUST follow rules, and Sandusky City Schools have "uniform" RULES!!!!....If you don't like it, as another poster stated, go to another schoold district!....I hope that sandusky City Schools has NO plans of changing anything about their uniform rules, I like them, they work, that's what is important!!....And it would be pretty hard to allow kids, especially teenagers to wear different uniform colors as well, we ALL know that MANY gangs have certain colors that differentiates them....I could just see it now, The West siders wear red and the East siders wear blue....Yeah, that would work out REAL great now wouldn't it!?!?!?!......Instead of lobbying to make a change like the one you are, why don't you lobby for a cure for childhood cancer...or against bullying....something that could make you much more recognized by the outside world, and actually make a difference in the world that is becoming worse day by day!


really? Gangs also use hand signs, symbols, tatoos,handshakes, oh yea and names. I think a kid wearing a white, blue, orange, red, black polo really wouldn't make a difference because either way they are still in a gang. I think two young kids fighting for something they believe in is not wrong. They are much cheaper to pay so instead of buy ingjust blue or white different colors can be worn as well same cost just more variety. You tell these kids to get a grip in life and to follow rules, tell rosa parks that, or the little rock nine. Also the school has rules for bullying so like you said they should just a get a grip and follow those rules, don't push for change in them. A Few years ago there was no dress code, and school graduation rate has not changed much, students enrolled has decreased alot, and it really has had no impact.

Also I just came back from south america and was in a third world country called ecuador all there kids where clothes to school, and they all have shoes even those in poverty!!

I just cannot understand how two kids age 15 and 16 can catch show much negativity when some of you were raised in era's that were rebelious even more so talking about the 60's, 70's and into the 80's. They are asking for a different shirt color in with the dress code. To me that is not asking much.


^What Gesswho2 said.^ Also, everyone has their own opinion and fighting for something you want built this country. What someone is fighting for doesn't have to and won't appeal to everyone.


Lets go point by point:
Fact 1: Boys STILL sag their pants
Fact 2: It is NOT cheaper for quite a few families
Fact 3: Kids STILL get made fun of for not having an american eagle polo or an Aeropostle Polo
Fact 4: We do go to learn. And uniforms are teaching us that to be an outstanding person you have to be a robot that looks and acts just like your peers.



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All that proves is the uniform code isn't enforced strictly enough. It's hardly a basis for relaxing it.


*fashion,*world,*they...sorry, should have proof-read before I hit the send button!


To all of the Sandusky HS students and those in junior high. What type of government or civics courses are they teaching now 4 or 5 decades later after I went to school? Do any of you question your national, state or local governments? If not, why not?

The type of clothes that you wear to school should be a moot point. What about you, your future children and grandchildren?


And you have to learn how to question starting somewhere. Why not start small like this..


Well they wont change the uniform policy why make others SPEND MORE MONEY on the uniforms, yes I agree it is costing families who cant afford them that is why there is a lot of uniform drives to help that, Goodwill as well

Mama of 4

Ok first of all the the tucking shirts and looking up a military tuck, they ARENT IN THE MILITARY!!!! They are KIDS in high school. Not an adult that choose to join the military. Second I agree with the kids. In the beginning of the year not only do they need street clothes they also need school clothes which is not cheap for three kids. I spent well over 150 just in school clothes at Wal Mart. And the supply got very low very quick so unless you have the money the minute things hit the shelves it slim pickins after ony a week or two. If the rules were loosened a bit and allowed for at least more color I think this would make it alot easier not to mention the kids might wear the different colored polos out of school and getting more use out of them. And Gesswho2 you took the words right out of mu mouth. We tell kids everyday stand up for what you believe in and if you want a change speak up. Should we also tell them they will be ganged up on my full grown adults calling them cry babies, and basically telling them to give up just as they get started? Way to crush a flame of determination in what to be sounds like is two well spoken educated well standing young men! Good luck boys and I hope you win this one. Keep standing up for yourselves and what you believe in matter what anyone says!



My Opinion is...

You obviously have a computer - you can order uniforms from and have them shipped to the store for free. I started in early July, ordering a couple shirts one paycheck, a few pairs of pants the next. The online store has the uniforms all year long, you don't have to wait until they hit the stores in August