Sandusky students fight school uniform rules

These teenagers are organized rebels with a cause.
Melissa Topey
Dec 19, 2012

Sandusky High students William Gilbert, 16, a junior, and DeMaje Jones, 15, a sophomore, are organizing a petition drive to change the school's uniform code. They want it relaxed, even if it's just allowing kids to wear more colors, rather than just navy or white shirts, Jones said.

"Why can't we express our style?" he said.

Click HERE to read about a study done on the affects of the uniform policy.

For more on the teen's effort's to change the uniform policy, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.


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A major point in life is you must dress for succsess. It definitely working in more ways than one.

Phil Packer

Success is overrated.

White Bigot

The "bro's and hoe's" at SHS don't like the dress code. Maybe because the "bro's" can't hide their guns and crackpipes inside their uniforms, and the "hoe's" can't hide that they are pregnant with their 5th child at age 15.


Get used to it kids, any future jobs will more than likely have uniforms to go with them.

School is about learning; not a fashion show or style. Feel free to do that on your own time.


Express your style after school. School is not the place for expression of your style. Get a good education and make something of your lives. I agree, the uniforms do look a bit nerdy but everyone has to wear them so no harm no foul!


Uniforms look professional...if it wasnt for that the girls would be wearing low cut shirts and the boys would have pants to knees...


I agree uniforms are professional. When I was in school you could tell the families who had money the children dressed to the hilt. I was happy when they went to uniforms all the children are equal and not being looked down on by the children whose parents are loaded with money.

The kids should just get used to wearing uniforms and keep their mouth shut. St. Marys students wear white shirt, ties, skirts and slacks in the winter.


That's a crock. You can still tell who has money and who doesn't.


I agree then you would not see the boys with their pants half way down you know what and short skirts and low cut blouses. Get used to the uniforms


Nioe because you know youll have these kids coming to school with pnts below there butt and girls having skirts abover there knees,

I mean I had to deal with the uniforms for 6yrs, I delt with it, and the supertendent better not change it


Student uniforms are "feel good" nonsense. It’s called the Hawthorne effect and has limited lasting staying power.

Show where this has translated into overall improved academic performance.

So do the faculty, superintendents and board of education all wear similar uniforms?

My Opinion is...

Kids are such whiny cry babies these days! Sheesh. If you want to express your style, transfer to Perkins. All students in Sandusky wear uniforms - Puplic and Parochial. Deal with it and express your own style on your own time.


Sorry guys, but I think "expressing your style" is what brought on the uniforms in the first place.


It's a public school in America, not Hitler youth school in 1930's Germany. Let the kids where what they want, in reason.

Licorice Schtick

Wow. That didn't take long.

Godwin's law – An adage in Internet culture that states, "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one." Coined by Mike Godwin in 1990.


wear,not bad.


I am William Gilbert and I would like to say we don't want to get rid of uniforms. We just want variety. Even if it's just being able to wear more colors and different pants.


@ avsfanwilly:

Why should the students be singled out? Do the faculty, supervisors and BOE all wear uniforms similar to those of the students?

What if you wanted to wear a suit and tie?

IMO, if it doesn't improve academic achievement levels then the practice of uniforms is useless and oppressive.


I think you will see that the male administrators and the majority of male teachers wear at a minimum dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie. Most females are dressing in a professional manner. A few aren't presenting themselves in professional dress just like a few kids aren't adhering to the dress code. I don't think we really want the adults looking like the kids.


I see no problem with perhaps broadening the color ranges. Red, white, blue or tan shirts maybe? Black, navy, or tan pants? Maybe special fundraiser days where you can dress out of uniform? (Pay $2, get to wear jeans as a club fundraiser, etc).


Venice school has "jeans day" on Fridays for the kids who were not absent or tardy Mon-Thurs.

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Look up the meaning of "uniform" in the dictionary.

If the biggest concern in your life is "expressing your style" through your attire, that's a strong indicator you need to develop a more mature set of priorities in order for school to do you any good.


willy the thing is, blue and white is Sandusky's colors, in the first place


I know that. But what it was set up to do doesn't work. No matter what the school reports we see it everyday. Oh your not wearing this logo or that. And getting rid of uniforms won't help rid that. But at least more choice means more options.


Adults, of course you don't think it's a big deal us having to wear uniforms because YOU aren't the ones wearing them, WE are. It's not just "expressing our style" we miss, uniforms are not very comfortable if you didn't know. And not ALL students sagged their pants or wore revealing clothes. Why punish or restrict ALL kids, especially kindergarteners, instead of cracking down on kids that do that stuff? Try a day in our place, then see how much YOU like it. It's not whining if you have good reason.


Many of us adults wore school uniforms, so you won't get much sympathy there. Try wearing the hideous red plaid St Peter & Paul school made kids wear. It was ugly, but not a big deal to any of us because we ALL wore the ugly. A great many public schools in larger cities utilize uniforms. Sandusky is not special in that regard.


Okay, so you HAD to wear uniform. You don't anymore, so let it go. I'm sure you didn't like wearing that red plaid, so wouldn't you want to save anyone else from having to deal with it? If you want everyone else to go through it just because you did, then that's selfish.

My Opinion is...

You're right - once we graduated we didn't have to wear the uniforms anymore. Graduate from high school, or drop out, and you get to wear whatever you want - it's your choice. Personally I would hope you choose to graduate. I have kids in the middle school and elementary - I saw what the kids wore before uniforms. The elementary schools get to wear jeans on Friday if they were not tardy or absent at all that week, but from what I understand the first time they tried that in the middle school (maybe even the high school as well) there were enough kids who abused it that they took the privelege away from them for the rest of the year. Maybe you shouldn't be trying to relax the uniform dress code until you speak with your classmates and make sure they're not going to continue to ruin it for everyone else.


So far the high school has had 2 jean days and not one person has ruined it. I think they're just as tired of uniforms as I am and I don't think anyone wants things to stay like this forever. And as far as the whole "code" goes, some guys STILL sag their pants while wearing uniform, so I don't think the "code" did much good with that.


I didn't like it, but I didn't dislike it either. I didn't pitch a fit because I couldn't wear jeans or tennis shoes. My kids go to a public school in southern ohio that has a dress code only a little more relaxed than Sandusky. Not a biggie for us as parents or them as students. It's been in place for a long time, and its a non-issue for the entire district.