Norwalk runaway faces more charges

NORWALK Days before he bolted for the second time, Calvin Riley was causing trouble at his new schoo
Cory Frolik
May 24, 2010



Days before he bolted for the second time, Calvin Riley was causing trouble at his new school, authorities said.

Riley, 14, a student at Norwalk Middle School, allegedly threatened a 13-year-old boy who stood up for a girl Riley picked on in class, said Norwalk police Capt. Dave Light.

"It involved Calvin saying some unpleasant things to a girl in the classroom, and that boy stuck up for her, which turned Calvin against him," Light said. "He didn't make any 'I'm going to kill you threats,' but he made some comments that concerned that boy, and the boy went home and told his mom."

Riley has more than school detention to worry about. His actions could result in criminal punishments including long-term juvenile detention and removal from his home.

Riley appeared in Huron County juvenile court Monday for an initial hearing in connection to the menacing charge he faces for threatening the classmate and a theft of a motor vehicle and delinquency charge he faces for allegedly stealing a neighbor's truck and fleeing to Ottawa County.

Riley, who was handcuffed at the wrists and ankles during the hearing, committed a similar crime in May when he stole a neighbor's truck and took off to Tennessee. At that time, authorities found a diary belonging to Riley that included threats toward students and teachers at Norwalk Catholic School.

Back then, Riley was freed from juvenile detention by judge's order at the request of his attorney and family. Riley was remanded into the custody of his parents and outfitted with a GPS-ankle monitor, which was later removed.

Huron County assistant prosecutor Jennifer DeLand urged the court at the time to keep him locked up since she claimed he was a flight risk. DeLand argued again Monday that Riley was a flight risk, but this time Riley's family and lawyer did not challenge the claim.

More charges could be filed against Riley or transferred over from other jurisdictions.

Riley has been in custody since about 3 p.m. Thursday, when police arrested him in the parking lot of La Pointe United Methodist Church on Ohio 163.

Authorities launched a manhunt for Riley after his parents reported him missing at about 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

Already on 24-hour house arrest -- punishment for stealing a truck and fleeing -- Riley's disappearance was linked to a truck stolen from a home two miles from his own.

While on the lam, Riley allegedly broke into a stranger's home at the intersection of Toussaint-Portage and Strickle-Toussaint roads in Carroll Township, said police Chief Jody Hatfield.

Using a tool he found near the home, Riley smashed open a window, unlocked the door and made a phone call, Hatfield said.

"He called his friend's parent, trying to find his friend," he said.

Hatfield said Riley was charged with breaking and entering, which will be forwarded to the Huron County prosecutor.