Vermilion woman charged with 5th OVI, child endangering

A Vermilion woman who already has four convictions for drunken driving faces charges of child endangerment after being arrested yet again for drunk driving.
Tom Jackson
Dec 18, 2012


Perkins police pulled over Brandi R. Feltis, 32, 300 block of Fairfax Road, Vermilion, at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday after a witness called the police and reported that a driver was weaving all over the road on Campbell Street near Perkins High School.

The witness later told police he had seen Feltis go off the road more than 20 times and go left of center several times as well. The witness said Feltis almost hit two vehicles head on and also almost hit the barrier for Ohio 2 on Campbell Road.

Officer Joseph Bauman wrote in his report that when he caught up with Feltis and pulled her over at Bogart Road and Columbus Avenue, he discovered that Feltis smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot and glassy eyes and slurred speech.

After Feltis flunked several field sobriety tests, she was handcuffed and placed in the police car.

Police confiscated a pen tube with residue inside it, an open bottle of rum and two cans of punch with alcohol in it.

Feltis' 8-year-old son was in the back seat, so police told her she would be charged with child endangering and with transporting an open container.

Once she arrived at the police station, Feltis provided a breath sample that tested at .179 percent. Because it was over the .080 percent legal limit, Baumann told Feltis her license would be suspended, the police report says.

Police also found that a no-bond bench warrant had been issued for Feltis from Huron Municipal Court for contempt of court.

In addition, a check found that Feltis has been convicted of OVI once in 2011, once in 2007 and twice in 2003.

Feltis was taken to the county jail and her son was turned over to her brother.



It is obvious this woman is in dire need of help. Alcholism is a disease that is treatable if the person seeks help and tries, but if they do not try to help themselves they never get better. For the sake of that child, she should not be allowed to have him back until she gets help. God bless her child. For his sake, I hope she gets the help she needs.


all things considered she shouldn't get him back until after she dries out in prison. She's had ample chances for help.

Licorice Schtick

Each year in the U.S. alone 40,000 people DIE in car crashes, roughly half of which involve alcohol. Many times more suffer horrible life-wrecking injuries.

It's the public that needs help - protection from drunk drivers.

The help this person needs involves iron bars. I'm thinking a life sentence with early shock parole on the condition that she reside in a major city with public transportation and never drive again.


I agree 100% mama. Unless she gets help immediatelty, this is going to end badly. Either for herself, her son, or worse yet, some innocent driver she plows into.


That is exactly what I am fearful of.


She's only 32? She looks more likely to be in her mid 40's to me. Alcohol takes a toll on the body.


I thought she looked rather OLD too!

Simple Enough II

I bet help has already been offered, she either has ignored her problem or thinks she doesn't have one.


It seems to me that the course of punishment currently being imposed upon this multiple OVI offender, and scores of others just like her, isn't having a positive effect upon her to cause a change in her attitude. It also seems logical to me that if the judicial system were to remove the vehicle from the hands of the multiple OVI offender for a period of time, perhaps measured in years equal to the number of OVI offenses comitted, it would have a serious impact upon their ability to become a repeat OVI offender. The same approach could be imposed for the hundreds of individuals who find it reasonably OK to drive while under suspension. Again, until a penalty is imposed which compels the individual to change their behavior, we'll continue to read about them earning more and more traffic violations.


I agree that the course of punishment isn't working. They could take her car away, but people like her can and will always find another car. Maybe mandatory rehab would work. Or, (gasp) people could just obey the laws!!


I think you and I are the only two who read the article completely. Yes, she was under the influence of alcohol but what about the drugs. She was twicw the limit on alcohol but I wonder what a drug reading would have been. She has a serious problem with little hope of staying straight for very long. Sorry to say but the few brain cells that are left are severely cooked.


two cents worth,
I have no problem with any penalty but that doesn't alleviate the problem with the individuals. If they aren't driving they just drink and drug twice as much. I'd like a figure on how many drive anyway. Just read the police logs. Problem is getting worse.


Mother of the YEAR!


She seems a very selfish woman. Now her son will have his friends know that his mother is a drunk and a druggie and her brother will have the added burden of caring for this child. Where is the father in this picture that the brother gets the child. Is he available to take this child and love him? (Not implying that the brother doesn't love or want the child).


@EZOB: The only figure I can give you, in this case, is her 5th OVI incident in which she was caught driving. Who knows how many times she's managed to drive without being pulled over. A large share of the problem rests with the judicial system which fails to provide a corrective measure to effectuate a change in attitudes. They (our elected judges) must not have a problem seeing the same faces over and over again in their midst. They must compel the offenders not to reappear.

G George I du kno

I feel sorry for this child more than anything. His mother sounds like a drunken drug addict. He probably asked Santa to have the Police pull them over so he could get home safe cause he was scared. The bad part is unless she wants help and seeks it on her own nothing will happen to this girl. Maybe 30 days in jail and she will be right back at it. She should be sentenced to Life with no license and anyone who lives in her house should have one of those breath machines in order to start the car. I will pray for this little boy that he can have a sober mommy like his friends.


It is Obvious that we need to ban cars!!!! It's NOT this young lady's fault!!! If that car had not taken her hostage and driven itself around while she was drunk, this would have never happened!!!


HA! A sad but true commentary of our society today.


prison time...


I say put her in prison & let her dry out in there for 5 or 6 years. She could take her AA classes in prison & get the medical help she needs. You let her walk on probatin & take her car away, she will only find another car to drive. The only time she is going to stop drinking & driving is when she kills herself. Sad thing is that she will take someone elses live along with hers.

swiss family

I think that when you get your 5th OVI.. it is time that you spent several years in prison.Think of all of the people, including her child and herself would could have been fatally injured or incapacitated by her poor judgement, and bad behavior. It is obvious that she only thinks of herself and what her wants and needs are, and when we are all on the roads together, she needs to be stopped

Please staop calling "bad choices" and "lack of self control" and "selfishness" a is insulting to anyone who has a disease or knows of someone with a terrible disease.Cancer is a disease, MS is a disease and there are a million other diseases where the person who has the disease has to go through a series of heart wrenching treatments to only possibly improve. This is a total lack of self control, just like a smoker, or over eater, it is their choice to do the deed that causes their grief.. these are NOT diseases, they are poor choices and lack of self control. There is a big difference between them.The danger with calling poor judgement a "disease" is then it is an excuse for the offended to act like this is so much bigger than themselves, and they can not control it.. the truth is , it is the only disease that has an easy cure then.. Just stop doing the thing that makes you actions bad... I firmly believe that anyone who has cancer, which is an actual disease, was told that they would be healthy and well, if they ate a pile of rabbit turds for breakfast each day. We would see millions of people trying to get their hands on these turds, and see everyone with the actual disease starting their days by eating this... so then why, if you want to think of alcoholism as a disease, and told all of them with the disease that to fix it, all they have to do is NOT drink alcohol, why are they so resistant to their cure???

Otis B. Driftwood

Your rants remind me of rabbit turds.


"Once she arrived at the police station, Feltis provided a breath sample that tested at .179 percent. Because it was over the .080 percent legal limit, Baumann told Feltis her license would be suspended, the police report says."
Considering that she was convicted of OVI in 2011, how was her license not already suspended? This is ludicrous.


Her license should be revoked , permanantly and her car should be taken away.

These people never learn. Start hitting them where they live. She should never be allowed to own, lease, or drive another car ever again.

And If she is getting any type of welfare that goes , too.

BEFORE that broad KILLS someone.


Starryeyes83 has a good idea: Anybody caught committing a crime while also receiving government benefits should lose those benefits as part and parcel of the punishment. Kids involved who won't get fed, clothed, or otherwise taken care of without welfare? Remove them. Consider that part of the punishment, too. If you can afford to get drunk, you can afford to buy food.

There's something to be said about mandated rehab, but I don't think it should be one of those thirty-day programs, even if it's a lock-up. MY idea of rehab for repeat offenders is drying out by default because you're stuck in a jail cell for the next YEAR or three. Sure, offer up some counseling and education behind bars in an attempt to avoid recidivism, but no more mollycoddling (a really old word, but it fits too well here not to use it).

First offense? Okay, everybody makes mistakes. Pay the ticket, lose driving privileges for awhile, whatever. Second offense? DONE. It never ceases to amaze me the people we read about on these pages who are on their 5th or 9th or 14th offense. How on earth is it that they're out of jail in the first place?

Meanwhile, I'm really glad nobody was hurt or worse thanks to this moron's complete and total disregard for anybody but herself.

Oh, and P.S. The woman knows she's got a problem. If nothing else, the number of her arrests should have given her a clue. She just doesn't think it's that bad, or she doesn't think it needs fixing, or she can't be bothered to deal with it. Fine. Let's FORCE her to dry out by keeping her away from circumstances that clearly cause her to endanger others. That means LOCK HER UP. Sheesh, stop being such bleeding hearts and do it! It could be your own life you save if she's back on the road again in thirty days, legally or not!


I am appalled she still has a license.


Good thing she was caught in Perkins before attempting to go all the way back to Vermilion. Who knows how many people might have been killed by her!