Strickland says gun rights, limits can co-exist

A former Ohio governor whose career was built with help from the National Rifle Association says it's time to bring gun rights advocates, the entertainment industry and politicians together to reduce violence after the massacre of 26 people at a Connecticut school last week.
Associated Press
Dec 17, 2012

Democrat Ted Strickland spoke Monday after participating in the Ohio Electoral College that delivered Ohio's 18 electoral votes for President Barack Obama.

Strickland said the Second Amendment assuring the right to bear arms should be subject to reasonable limits, as is the case with the First Amendment guaranteeing free speech. He said restrictions could be worked out through frank dialogue for the good of the country.

A native of Appalachian eastern Ohio, Strickland said he's weighing a run against Republican Gov. John Kasich in 2014.




violence all around us. it is not just the guns. turn on tv and you can watch unlimited number of shows regarding violence, ncis, law & order, csi just to name a few. dozens of movies made every year that promote it. games for computer systems abound. right, wrong or indifferent these all put ideas into peoples heads. the media is not to go unnoticed. the media has desensitized us to violent acts. the leading story of almost every news program, no matter the hour, is about some kind of random violent act. just look at the majority of the headlines in the SR. all about violence! why not good deeds? because it just doesn't sell in most media outlets.

the world is becoming more and more evil each and every day.


So if we should have limits on Constitutional Rights we should also have limits on how many Kitchen Knives people can have. Just this week alone 5 people murdered with a knife you get from your kitchen. People are bludgeoned to death by a baseball bat and ran over with cars. It is not the Gun, the Knife or the Car that is the problem it is the insane People behind these items. Quit stripping Americans of their Constitutional Rights and get rid of the Criminals this will eliminate our problem.


Do you think that you could run through a school with a knife, baseball bat, or a car and kill 26 people ?

If they just stood there, yeah, but that's in fantasy land.

Second Opinion

wow, you liberals make it too easy.


82,000 crimes were stopped by law abiding GUN CARRIERS
270 were shot by legal gun carriers during a crime
ONLY 400 were by police!
So, it seems we get more protection from CCW permit holders than police!

""" Every place in the world that we have crime data, both before and after a gun ban has gone into effect, every single place has seen an increase in murders after the ban has been put in place. And many times it's been a several-fold or more increase. """.......... Professor John R. Lott, interviewed on CNN after the Newtown massacre.


You neocons are sloppy in your perception of reality and quick in arrogance.
The China story is news to me.
You missed the point I made-- NO ONE got KILLED.

"The huge difference between this case and the U.S. is not the suspect, nor the situation, but the simple fact he did not have an effective weapon," ...said Dr. Ding Xueliang, a Harvard-educated sociologist at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.

"The huge difference ... he did not have an effective weapon,"

"In the United States, we had 9,000 people killed with guns last year, in similar countries like Germany 170 (killed with guns), in Canada 150. There's a reason for that," Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-New York, told CNN's Piers Morgan.
"The proof in the pudding is that in every other industrialized nation except the United States, they have reasonable gun control laws, and they have hundreds of people killed each year -- not 9,000 or 10,000 a year -- killed by guns."

"... they have reasonable gun control laws..."

People are still going to get killed by guns because the world is filled with idiots, but in WAY SMALLER numbers with reasonable controls.

@Second Opinion


Switzerland has mandatory conscription, trains, and issues assault rifles to all able-bodied men between the ages of 20 and 50 (55 for officers). It has one of the highest gun ratios per capita. It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Please enlighten me how "reasonable gun control laws" will help lower crime...

The second amendment is about ensuring that the governed will always have access to the same weapons as the government. Look at the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square for an example of what a government can do when its people are not adequately armed. If you don't think our government would do that, take a very critical look at Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzalez, The "Fast and Furious" program, the "Patriot" Act, etc.

The more important topic is: Why isn't mainstream news looking at mental health? All of the recent shootings were committed by people on medication for mental health issues. We have anti-depressants with side-effect warnings that they may increase thoughts of suicide. We don't have gun manufacturers' commercials on TV, but sit down and watch the news some night and count how many pharmaceutical ads there are. It's bad press to upset your advertisers...


ERNesbitt...Let this article enlighten you. There are differences between Switzerland and the USA,and there is "reasonable gun control" in Switzerland (if you can figure it out from the article).

(If you've noticed, I've never said I wanted to ban guns)


The strictest gun laws can be found in #7 Brazil USA #12

Second Opinion

they could have EASILY been killed except the person was so deranged he decided to cut off fingers etc instead.

And don't forget that AFTER Britian outlawed guns the crime rate with them escalated. AND the crimes with knives are so rampant they actually have telethons to raise awareness of the extreme problems.

Even universities who have studied this has stated that in EVERY NATION that activated gun controls the crime rate increased with many increasing 3 times. Strange that you liberals can distort the facts. Silvester Stallone stated that there should be a door to door search and take guns while he himself carries! Oprah Winfrey wants gun control but has a body guard that carries, Obama's guards have fully automatic assault weapons but we can't protect ourselves with guns? We don't need any more gun control laws, if these teachers were packing this jerk would have been stopped, instead the school had to wait for the cops.

@ ERNesbit, great post, but don't think for a moment the MOONBATS will comprehend it or even try to admit the facts in it.


Second Opinion...I was misled to think that your opinions had much value.


"In the United States, we had 9,000 people killed with guns last year," - Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-New York

Start disarming the gangs.


Alas, the liberal mind at work with misleading stats to fit their agenda. Population USA 315 million,Germany 81 million, Canada 35 million. Roughly 4 thousand Americans killed yearly by illegals. Gang and drug gun deaths in amount? 17 thousand suicides yearly in USA, how many gun related?? In the meantime according to the Guttmacher Insitute there are 1.21 million abortions yearly in the USA!!! Sad so very sad how the liberal mind works

looking around

You want to see some nutcases just watch Sons Of Guns Red Jacket or American Guns! Yeah we need these kinds of weapons.......sure


So arms expert looking, how many people can actually attain the required license to attain the automatic weapons, featured on your mentioned shows!!

Did you know the perpetrator of the connecticut shooting was denied a permit for a rifle???


Actually obtaining the tax stamp (yeah thats what they call it) to own a class 3 weapon is not much more difficult than getting a CCW permit. Fingerprints, background check, sheriff signing off, Feds issuing permit, then getting your class 3 weapon.

Dinghy Gal

Post "Our teachers are licenced and trained to carry and use firearms" signs at the schools.


4Shizzle .... you most probably could not kill any large amount of people with a knife, or a baseball bat ..... however, drunken drivers can, so lets outlaw vehicles, because we all know that its not the drunken driver that kills, it's the car.

Second Opinion

hey MOMMY, 22 children were carved in China WHILE IN SCHOOL LAST WEEK.

"""Professor John R. Lott, interviewed on CNN after the Newtown massacre, noted,

Every place in the world that we have crime data, both before and after a gun ban has gone into effect, every single place has seen an increase in murders after the ban has been put in place. And many times it's been a several-fold or more increase. And there's a simple reason for that, and that is, when you ban guns, it's basically the most-law-abiding citizens who turn in their guns, not the criminals. And rather than making it more difficult for criminals to commit crime, you actually make it easier."""


Mommy25...You're joking, right?

"...its not the drunken driver that kills, it's the car. "


It sounds about as good as your analogy that it's not the person that kills it's the gun.




I'm with you there Dinghy Gal ... criminals do NOT obey laws .... they will NOT obey gun laws .... just like drinkers do NOT obey no driving laws .... so teach the teachers how to kill intruders that pose a treat to the children and arm them.


So you want that teacher wearing a Glock 36 on her hip while teaching? Or should it be in her purse or in her desk drawer? Or should it be a Bushmaster M4 leaned up in the corner?

So when said teacher is focused on helping Tommy understand the difference between "there" and "their", little Jimmy can grab her gun and "play" just like the video games he has seen?

That is sheer lunacy!


the sheer lunacy is that it will solve the problem. I'm a firm believer that an armed society is a polite society. And that's legally armed.

Oh BTW gun on hip, easier to get to. and if little jimmy is taught to not touch that invalidates that theory.

Second Opinion

better to wear a Glock than be filled with lead from a liberal Union teacher who didn't raise their child right or failed to take proper measures to make certain the guns were secure. How strange the the mother has no condemnation from the left but they somehow blame law abiding gun owners and somehow think its the guns fault.


They already allow teachers to do this in Utah, guess what? Not a single school shooting since this law was enacted.


why limit it to just teachers... the public's eye are still focused on this one single tragedy... what good is it going to do to just train the teachers when there's movie theaters and office buildings being shot up? sure we fix one problem, but we can't let the rest hang in the wind. every individual has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. we should also have the right to protect them. now i'm not saying everyone should have a gun here, but we need more armed good guys (not trying to sound like the wild west). if everyone had to think twice about committing a violent crime because they had to worry about being return gun fire, i'd bet a mint that the violent crime rate would go through the floor. in each of the places that there was a massacre this year, the gunman knew he didn't have to worry about return fire. instead of stripping the law abiding citizens of the means to protect themselves to make it easier for criminals, how about the government takes steps to strike more fear into the criminals and actually stand a chance at fixing something.


Instead of stripping the guns completely, how about making it more difficult to get the guns in the first place? Why do you need an oozie or a semi automatic gun in the first place? I don't think it's wrong to have a fire arm, but not these truly lethal semi automatich weapons like this idiot used at this school on these kids. No one really needs an assault rifle as part of his or her collection, now do they? For what purpose? To kill a deer or a duck? I think not.

Make it more difficult to secure a gun. Doing better background checks in the first place would solve a lot of problems. If you have a mental problem in your medical background, you don't get the gun...simple as that. No muss, not fuss. I see no problem with that. Why should anyone object to NOT giving a gun to someone with a medical diagnosis of schizophrenia or clinical depression in their background?

If it stops ONE tragedy, then it is a good thing. Having more people armed isn't going to stop anything. Pretty soon you have more people shooting than ever. One guy shoots another because he THOUGHT the person was GOING to shoot. I just don't feel that is the solution.

While it might be a good thing for a school to have an armed guard around to make a safe environment for students, or an administrator who has a gun to protect students in case a gunman shows up, not all teachers should have to be armed just to protect a school.

Just my opinion, but arming everyone,everywhere just doesn't seem to be the answer to me. A more responsible approach to getting a gun and less sales of assult weapons should slow things down a great deal. And yes, in public places, if an idiot knows that someone or several are there to "fire back" it may stop them from trying....although it sure didn't stop the idiot today in Kansas who shot two cops dead outside a store, now did it? And he knew they had a gun. Again, just my opinion.

Simple Enough II

Because the military and the police have them. The 2nd amendment is not about hunting, it is about being able to protect myself, my family and property from Those who would wish to do me harm, oppress me or take what is rightfully mine. I have weapons, I don't go out and do others harm, but we have laws on the books and look at the same folks going through the court system day after day time after time, same people and then their children next. Restricting me will not save anyone, you will see that everyone of these recent acts of horrible violence was perpetrated by a deranged person. Weapons aren't the problem.


The death of one is a tragedy, The death of millions is a statistic. Ask the jews about gun control.