Ohio will expand law-enforcement simulator use

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is announcing expanded efforts to train Ohio's law enforcement officers in firearms and car-chase safety.
Associated Press
Dec 17, 2012


DeWine's office said Monday that demand from law-enforcement agencies has led to plans to increase the number of training simulators available. DeWine will be traveling around the state this week with the mobile firearms and driving simulators as training begins with the existing units.

About 140 law enforcement agencies have requested use of the new simulators so far. The training is provided free by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.

DeWine, who introduced the mobile simulators in October, says they will better prepare officers for dangerous, life-threatening situations. They were bought with taxes on Ohio's new casino industry.




I hope he brings the simulators here. From the sounds of some of the short pieces in the SR of late, there are a few LE's in Sandusky and Perkins who could use some driving tips. I read that some officers AGAIN hit another squad car. What is up with our patrol officers? Perhaps they need a few driving lessons.

Just who gives the police tickets when they get into a "fender bender" with the patrol vehichles in this city? It seems to me that the City Commissioners should be addressing this issue with the Chief of Police since these vehicles need to be repaired again and again.

Just how many vehicles have been damaged by the SPD in the last two years? How much has it cost the taxpayer of this city to fix, repair or replace squad cars because of wrecks that officers have had with the squad cars?

I would love to know. What happens to the officers when they wreck or damage a squad car? Do they get a ticket or have to pay for the damage?


Here's 1better De-wine. Have L.E. that were in combat train those civil servants. Thier experience should be utilized in that capacity.


I couldn't agree more.