Columbus Ave. fire heroes identified

Three men, not one, helped a man off the roof of a burning home on Columbus Avenue last month.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 17, 2012



The identities of the three weren't originally known, but Sandusky firefighters provided the names in a report released this week: Brad Gerold, Jordan Bender and Joseph Wright. 

Gerold and Bender are construction workers. 

They were driving by the Columbus Avenue home Nov. 21 when they spotted a man, Rob Olvera, 22, trapped on the roof of the burning home.   

"We spun around the block and pulled up next to the house," Bender, 21, told the Register this week. "That's when everybody saw the kid on the second floor."

Wright also stopped to help.

"The other guy pulled up and pulled the extension ladder off the top of his pickup," Bender said.

Read more about the rescue in today's Register or e-paper.



Good 2 B Me

Well done gentlemen. You should be proud of your decisions! It is great to know that people like you are still out there!




GOD bless you three! Good to see this. I was beginning to think there were no good people left in Sandusky


Great job guys!


@behappy there are lots of good people in sandusky but it is overshadowed by all the negative this going on in town


I hope they're still here CAMERO for our sake




Well done!! We need more people like you in the world!! A good POSITIVE new story!!


Tha men!