Stabbing suspect may face murder charge

(Updated with 911 call: Listener discretion advised) Police are scheduled to meet today with Prosecutor Kevin Baxter to lay out their evidence in the Saturday stabbing death of Jared Rhodes, 24, Sandusky.
Tom Jackson
Dec 17, 2012



A suspect, Tre'vonte Adcock, 18, is being held in Erie County Jail.

Police believe Adcock and Rhodes, who family members say are related, got into some kind of dispute or horseplay that got out of hand, said Det. Gary Wichman, the lead investigator in the case.

It was an incident "that escalated into something horrible," Wichman said. "I don't think it was a planned murder. There's nothing to substantiate that."

Read more about the case in today's Register or e-paper.



Does it matter if it was planned? One does not pull out hardware on family. Especially if you've been drinking and live with them.




How can he not face murder charges. He MURDERED someone. It's that simple. To many times we look for excuses for what someone did. The guy in CT was mentally ill, someone else was stressed, and so on. Excuses, Excuses. If this involved a gun they were playing with, I could see "accidental". But this was a knife. Knifes do not go off accidentally.


Hopefully the state will get to legally murder Tre'vonte!.. (fingers crossed!)


@ SanduskyNow
You might as well uncross your fingers. The state isn't going to get the chance, nor are they going to get the chance in any other of the murder cases pending. Life without parole will be the deals.


Sure, my family horse's around all the time and pull knives on each other, too! We all just sit around and laugh-but when it gets outta hand and they start to pull out their pistols-I tell'em to take it outside...

gimmie a break...


This is murder. He had a butterfly knife and he used it on someone while he was drunk. He had no right to knife this guy and cause his death. On top of it he interferred with the EMT's and the police trying to help the guy. Oh, no, it isn't that simple.

Who "horseplays" with that kind of knife? Not anyone I know. In fact, I don't know of anyone of horseplays with knives, swords or any kind of sharp objects at all unless they want to end up killing someone, which is exactly what happened here. Unless my family and I are so out of touch with reality that we don't get it, but I seriously doubt that is the truth.

This guy stands for the murder. He shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.


I don't know of anyone who 'horses around' with knives or swords, either. These are weapons!
And,which is exactly how this tragedy happened.
But it sounds like from the above post, it's okay, because " we sit around and laugh-but when it gets outta hand and they start to pull out their pistols-I tell 'em to take it outside..."

"GIMME A BREAK"!!!! Are you kidding???


I really think that the state should expand the death penalty to try and deter these lawless people that think they are better than everyone else and that can show no regard for hum on life or the laws the rest of live by .
There's no much hand smacking and being sent to bed without any dinner going on . And as a law bidding person that respects the law have to fear when I go to bed that I won't wake up or wake up to a gun in my face . This is getting way out of hand and that's why I challange the state to make laws stiffer and that the death penalty scope be widened
That is the only thing that is going to stop this crap and tell these no good thugs ,that we are tired of this crap and I you kill , you will be killed


Sad this kid has had no parenting...his mother just got out of prison a couple months ago..


He should be charged with murder for the simple fact that he stabbed the man not once, but THREE times. That is not accidental.


erikaj, you say the murderers mother just got out of prison? WOW!!! That apple didn't fall far from the tree. Again as I said last week check all the murders,rapes,sexual assaults, and violent crimes and you will see that over 95% of these crimes are done by one group of indviduals. I feel sorry for the good people in the Sandusky area.


Which group? Seems like it has no specific group. Usually you have to prove premeditation to get a conviction for murder so most likely it will be a lesser charge but still a very serious one. Let's wait for the facts.


Jeez, could you be a bigger prick to the lady who answered the call?


You got that right JEEZ!!!!


deertracker are you asking what group of individuals are doing these crimes?