Sandusky man dies from stab wounds

Sandusky police are investigating a stabbing death and are holding a suspect.
Mike Schaffer
Dec 15, 2012

Sandusky police are investigation a stabbing death and are holding a suspect.

Jared Rhodes, 24, 200 block of Lawrence, died at 2 p.m. at Firelands Regional Medical Center after sustaining three stab wounds early Saturday morning.

Police arrested Tre'Vonte "Tre" Adcock, 18, 2000 block of Camp Street as a suspect in the stabbing death. Advock was being held in Erie County Jail on Saturday.




There we go bringing up color again~who are the first ones to bring up color and race? Who? Thought so


Couldn't find Jared's


As bad at it's been, this is just the beginning. Unless something drastically changes.

he said she said

Don't judge what you don't know!

for those of you that are curious about Jared.

Rest in Peace Nephew....

sandtown born a...

Both of the facebook photos were taken in the same room and the victim had Tre listed as his nephew. Family killing family


Really all it would of took was a new police chief. What if the kid didnt read the paper to know we had a new police chief. So you think all the thugs will get together and say it was fun while it lasted but we have to stop now because there is a new chief in town. These people dont know who the mayor is. Bad people do bad things and most of them watched it in their homes growing up. Not the cops fault


Thats 7. Also whats a new chief going to do criminals dont care who the chief is...and it seems spd is doing just fine since every story ends with them apprehending the party responsible



Drop the pencil and move away from the calculator.

Using the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, Detroit had 12.4 murders per 25,812 people (Sandusky's pop.) in 2011.

Using the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, Detroit had 553 violent crimes per 25,812 people (Sandusky's pop.) in 2011.

Sandusky reported 120 violent crimes in 2011. So you can see that we are considerably lower than Detroit.

Quit making stuff up.



I'm looking at exsisting figures for 2012. You are analyzing old numbers. Basing my numbers on the real number of citizens in both cities and deaths as of yesterday.

The concept of even tying these two cities together is frightening for me. You, on the other hand, continue to wear blinders and see Sandusky as utopia.

Never thought utopia was mass exodus of people from the city and school systems. Never thought utopia was 79% of households are rentals and 85% of students in the school system on free or reduced breakfasts and lunch.

We have different ideas on utopia. We have different ideas on personal responsibility. We have different ideas on entitlement. We have different ideas on crime and drugs.

I'm glad I'm different.


You cant espect anything more from dumnuts when it comes to sandusky.



Yes, I "espect" you are one of those who lack personal responsibility and are supported by entitlement.

Eliminate entitlement in the city and the crime and drugs will follow. It's that simple.


Well dumnuts since i do work two jobs and my wife works respiratory. I aspect you r view on everything is as negative as always like i said you get on here and make things up all the time.


Sorry, no cigar. If you use current data Sandusky looks even better. According to Detroit's own website they've had 365 murders as of December 9, 2012. According to the U.S. Census, Detroit's most current estimated population is 706,585 and Sandusky's estimated population is 25,682.

This means that for Sandusky to equal Detroit's murder rate we need to have had 13.3 murders by Dec. 9, 2012.

What did you say our murder count is for the year so far?



Why DO you compare Sandusky's crime rate to that of Detroit's? There is no comparison, the comment is simply a derogatory.

Huron has lost more population than Sandusky. What is the explanation for that? With all your unhappiness I can't understand why YOU haven't exited the area or have you?


I count a total of seven people murdered this year. Yes it is very tragic and alarming but we need more details before we start judging either one of them. Newtown was supposedly one of the safest places in the country yet look what happened there. There always seem to be accusations of one's economic status whenever there is a crime here but I don't always hear those same accusations in other cases. Why is that? That's because crime happens everywhere regardless of economics.


There is no easy answer to this problem. Drug tests are a "feel good cure".
Take a gal with four kids, she tests positive for drugs. Cut off the welfare. Who feeds the kids? Throw her in jail, she gets three hots and a cot, you still have to deal with the kids.
Then you have the easy access to guns that are "kill people quick" weapons. The country is flooded with these guns. It comes down to who is the quickest draw and the best shot. The perps have the house advantage.


Very sad. Looks like these 2 were related-what a very sad time for their family. As far as the police go-people complain that they don't do their job and bla bla bla. The police in this city get treated like crap. I know I would have a poor attitude if I went to work every day to protect and serve and got treated like they do...and for what? A slap on the wrist. Their needs to be stiffer punishments imposed for smaller crimes before things get out of hand. I love O'Brien, personally. Professionally, I wish he would consider the state of this city and start putting the smack down on people. According to the municipal website, Adcock has no record. We do not know the circumstances surrounding this case. Additionally, Rhodes does have a record-quite lengthy for someone so young.

IF someone ran against O'Brien for judge now-and took the stance of stiffer punishments-I would vote for them. I would also vote for funds for a MUCH LARGER jail and the resources to operate it. What's been isn't working. Lets lock these people up and stop pretending like our "court system" is a daycare for screw-ups.


Actually Adcock, who just recently turned 18 has a quite an impressive resume (criminal), you just won't see it on the muni court site because he was a juvenile. It just so happens that his first felony he was caught committing as an adult is murder.


Yea I know that one too! He hung out with a kid I knew well, waiting for him to turn 18 and then you may see his name in print as well. I hope he learns and does not end up like his buddy Trey.....
BTW, I watched these kids play video games, i think they would play all night long. I looked at Amazon and (Best Sellers in Xbox 360 Shooter Action Games) Ironicly the list was over 100 long!!!!


How do you know his juvie record i guess you work for law enforcement now. I know him personally and he is not the person you are trying to make him. But in this case he broke the law and have to pay no matter what his juvis record is.

Red Baron

When are we going to have a serious debate about banning knives?


What a way to end the year.


If it's a drug deal gone bad, so be it, let them take one another out!! If not, atleast they have a suspect in custody..


What are you talking about a drug deal gone bad come on dont make things up we have dumnuts for that.


Time to quit defending the criminals MRJSIAH. I notice you seem to be here defending them every time something like this happens~nothing personal~just sayin'


Well you seem to be reading someone elses because i have said many times on here that if people commit the crimes on here they should do the time. Am i suppose to be on here and make like im better than anyone else no i was taught better than that . Plus being a criminal justice major i do believe in the system. Most of the articles i respond to is when someone gets race involved so dont try to get on here and make me out to be somebody im not.I have been on here for a little over three years and not once did i ever take up for the criminal like i said adcock is a { GOOD KID AND HE DID THE CRIME AND WILL HAVE TO DO THE TIME }.



Never once have I used the "race card". I've used the "personal responsibility card" and the "end of entitlement card" in most of my comments.

Would like a "race card". Where can I pick one up? They seem to allow less personal responsibility and a wealth of entitlement.

So as a criminal justice major please explain the reason for the increased murders in Sandusky. Please explain why the largest proportion of crime in the county is coming from Sandusky.

I await your educated answers.



Don't keep us waiting, what are the reasons for each of the murders? I'm interested to know what is was that triggered each one of them. The entitlements, people were renters, low wage earners, no wage earners, free school lunch program, SPARC? Please explain because I'm very interesting in knowing.



In 2008, 1 murder; 2009, 0 murders; 2010, 0 murders; 2011, 1 murder. The demographics haven't changed much between now and then. If your reasoning is correct why haven't there been more murders in the past? The truth of the matter is that crime is decreasing. It is higher though than the national average.

Instead of blaming renters and people getting food stamps for the crime rate let's put it where it belongs--kids dropping out with no education or job skills. There were 45 students who didn't graduate last year. It's cumulative and problems associated are cumulative.


Where did you see i said you use the race card i was responding to someone responding to me . Most of the time i take when i do make it on here and i do take time to respond is when race is brought into the situation. Yes sandusky has a problem even a blind man can see that yes we have to deal with it, Over and over you come on here and make things up please explain why know matter what goes on you seem to scream entitlement as if you are the only who works.We pay taxes like you thats if you do ! You would like everyone to believe that all of erie county is crime free other than sandusky, you would like everyone to believe no one works in sandusky . Just what do you have against sandusky anyway it can be a story about somebdy saving a whole family from a fire or something some how all the people involved is on entitlements and you will find something negative to say. Is your life that bad .