Sandusky to solicit online comments

City government to address social media comments, questions
Andy Ouriel
Dec 15, 2012


Sandusky officials are refreshing their social media policy to encourage more public participation among city residents.
City workers plan to install interactive software on a website — yet to be launched — so people can post comments about any Sandusky-related issue.
It should operate similar to a message board, much like the one found underneath stories posted online at
Anyone with an Internet connection or a smartphone — iPhones and Droids, for instance — will be able to access the website.
Peak Democracy will host the site, with the company's employees monitoring comments and retaining records.
Sandusky taxpayers will pay roughly $3,000 for the service.
Concerned citizens can post suggestions on what park upgrades they want, or gripe about the potholes plaguing their neighborhoods.
"Given busy work and school schedules that may not permit people to attend city commission meetings, this service could prove very helpful to citizens," city manager Nicole Ard said.
The software should allow city officials to:
• identify the commenter's neighborhood;
• promote access to city information, including informing people about public meeting agendas and staff reports;
• conduct polls or surveys at a fraction of the cost of a consultant would charge.
For those still hesitant to file complaints via the Internet, the city will still accept complaints made in person, by telephone or by regular mail.




Why is the E-paper still friday???
I find that to be a real ballbuster.


Oh, I cannot wait to reaad the comments that will be on there. I hope the city is ready for this. Something tells me they have no idea what they are getting themselves into.


All it will be is a place to let off a little steam. Do you honestly think the city will take the site seriously? The city has their own agenda including moving city hall and never mind that it will throw us back into debt. It doesn't replace a personal one on one with your favorite commissioner.


How nice to be able to comment directly to Ms Ard about public concerns


I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for her to do anything. You all in the city need to replace her too.


Oh, I don't know that she needs replacing. I used to believe that, but not anymore.

car 54

This effort is a complete hoax.


Three thousand dollars wasted. Here's a simpler solution...answer your phone and/or respond to e-mails. It's not rocket science.


Maybe the City should commission a $10,000 study to see if the $3,000 would be worth it or not!

Uh, oh. I probably shouldn't have given them the idea...

As for your other comment (answer the phone, respond to emails), you're right on target. The City HAS a web site. Employee email addresses ARE published (as are phone numbers). So our ability to comment, complain, etc. is already available online. Why are we talking about doing this "forum" thing again?


It's gonna cost way more than 3K to operate that website, in maintenance alone.
Ask Sarah Weber.


It's obvious what this will degenerate into, and I wonder why it was ever proposed.


May I ask you what you think this will degenerate into? I am curious? If someone has to use their name, what do you think it will degenerate into?


I can't imagine how the city can justify spending $3,000 when anyone can pick up the phone and call city hall or e-mail staff and the elected officials. Put the money towards paving some streets in town or fixing up a park. It is wasted money that the city cannot afford to spend.


I could care less if they have my IP address, or my home address for that matter. I can back up anything I have ever said on here. Maybe more will get accomplished in Sandusky with this. I welcome it.


Good for you. Someone with conviction who can back themselves up. I love that. Me too. I don't like it when people are so afraid that they will have to back up what they say they panic. Good for you. I welcome it as well. Proud of you.


When is this going to be up and running?? I would like to find out how a convicted sex offender with a long criminal history gets busted living in public housing and rather than being evicted, he's added to the lease! Too many law abiding people are in need of public housing and can't get it because people like this break the rules and are granted "immunity" lol


what rule did this person break. there was a convicted sexual predator living in the motel at the corner of Columbus and Perkins for 2 years, he was in cuffed magazine, I knew him from my job (CO in prison) and no one did anything about it. And finding public housing in sandusky shouldn't be difficult most of it is rental anyway.


He was living in public housing while not on the lease and not registered at the address-2 rules. He was allowed to register at the address after he was busted by the sheriff (no consequences) and then, after being caught by metro, he was allowed to be added to the lease (again, no consequences). Why do we keep rewarding people who dont follow rules?


ok, i didnt know all that.
I dont know why the Sheriff didnt take action, but as far as adding someone to the lease talk to the landlord, his property to do as he wants. Or she wants.


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