Annie Barone, 'The Cookie Lady,' earns high school diploma

You can do a lot in 95 years. Survive The Great Depression. Raise four kids as a single mom. Work many jobs. And make so many cookies you become known as “The Cookie Lady." But one thing Annie Barone did not do in almost a century of living on this Earth: Earn a diploma.
Melissa Topey
Dec 13, 2012


That is until Sunday.

Sandusky Schools Superintendent Eugene Sanders and members of the school board presented Barone an early birthday gift—an honorary diploma in a 95th birthday ceremony on Sunday.

Click the video to the right to hear Annie Barone talk about her life.

Read how Barone came to be a 95-year-old new graduate by getting a copy of today's Register.




Good Story, SR needs more like this. I hope every schoolkid out there reads this - as it should be required reading, and not only for the history lesson. Because the message is clear : Stay in school. There are more options out there, nowadays.

ConGRADulations on your diploma, Mrs. Barone. :)


Top notch story. More of these please.


they don't have time to report on stories like this. there were way too many minor traffic accidents to report on. it takes a lot of time to cut and paste police blotters and pass them off as headlines. did you hear so and so ran a red light yesterday?


What a heart warming story. Congratulations Mrs Barone.


A touching story. However, Mrs. Vargo looked rather tacky chomping on her gum.