Right-to-work landscape in the Rust Belt region

Here is a look at the landscape in some Rust Belt states that have pushed for right-to-work plans in recent years — some successfully, others not:
Associated Press
Dec 12, 2012


Local reaction to Michigan's Right-to-Work law -- in Saturday's Register.



Illinois has not seen a serious right-to-work movement largely because of a near Democratic lock on the General Assembly in the past 30 years. During much of that time, the state had Republican governors, but they tended to be moderates who dealt with labor amicably. And when the GOP held the state Senate during the 1990s, there were many moderate Republicans from suburban Chicago who balanced out more conservative lawmakers from central and southern Illinois.


The Republican-controlled Legislature in Indiana approved right-to-work earlier this year. House Democrats walked out in 2011 for five weeks to block the measure by denying the GOP majority the numbers needed to conduct business. The state's quasi-public economic development corporation says a handful of companies have expanded operations in part because of the law.


The labor stronghold of Michigan became the 24th state to enact right-to-work on Tuesday when the House approved the final version of the legislation and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed it hours later. Snyder had previously maintained that right-to-work wasn't a priority for him, but the plan sailed through the GOP-controlled Legislature after he announced his new position last week. While labor unions said the move would be disastrous for worker rights and benefits, Snyder insisted the plan is actually "pro-worker."


Ohio voters in 2011 overwhelmingly rejected a sweeping law that placed restrictions on public employee unions. Republican Gov. John Kasich says making Ohio a right-to-work state is not among his priorities and that he sees other ways to keep the state competitive. However, a group called Ohioans for Workplace Freedom has been circulating petitions for a ballot measure that would keep workers covered by labor contracts from having to join a union or pay dues.


Pennsylvania labor unions have been largely successful in pushing back against efforts by first-term Republican Gov. Tom Corbett to dramatically scale back their gains. But Corbett says the state apparently lacks the political will to enact right to work. However, his spokesman says the governor would support such a bill if it reached his desk.


Wisconsin's Republican-controlled Legislature in 2011 voted to pass Gov. Scott Walker's proposal that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers and forced them to pay more for health insurance and pension benefits. Walker argued it was a cost-saving move, but unions said it was designed to cripple their political power. Walker did not propose right-to-work legislation and has said that is not a priority, but he's stopped short of saying he would veto such a measure.



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Robert and Patricia Haynes live in Michigan with their two adult children, who have cerebral palsy. The state provides the family with insurance via medicaid and treats them as caregivers.For the SEIU, this makes them public employees for the purposes of the service provided to their children. Ergo the union receives $30.00 out of the family's monthly medicaid subsidy for their union dues.They do not belong to any local, cannot attend any union meetings and cannot vote on any union matter they just pay the dues and the union affords them nothing in return.

Gov Rick Snyder has already ended a similar scheme to provide unions with new "public employees"in the area of child care.Previous Gov. Jennifer Granholm had classified in-home daycare providers as public employees. Just pay the dues but do not ask for a vote or any benefits.


A good read on Unions: http://www.capitalresearch.org/2...

I would state that Collective Bargaining was very much needed when the likes of Rockefeller & Carnegie were alive and making their billions. But then Unions eventually became over zealous, leading to 'Right to Work' legislation being enacted. Today? I can see in the public sector the potential need for collective bargaining because we can't/don't outsource teacher/firefighter/law enforcement positions, but I'm not so sure about the private sector, where we've already outsourced so many jobs.


Arrogance at work:

In the interview, King twice said it is "accurate" to say Gov. Rick Snyder explicitly warned him that Republicans in the Legislature likely would push right-to-work legislation in the lame-duck session if labor ignored the GOP majority in both houses, pressed ahead and filed petitions to place Proposal 2 on the November ballot.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/artic...

Again, a self inflicted wound on the part of organized labor!


Belonged to four unions in my life; three were as useless as teets on a bull.

The fourth I voluntarily joined in order to help fund a lobbyist group.

Where's the Taxpayers Union? Do I hear a second to my nomination for a strike?

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So why didn't these cowardly Repubs in Michigan pass these laws before the election? They are doing this in a lame duck session knowing they can't be recalled. Typical cowardly Repubs.


Why are the unions against choice? Guess choice is only involved when they are going to stab a baby.


Uh...randi, Barry Goldwater's wife Happy ran what in Arizonia? (starts with an A) The T-4 (Nazi)program funded by the Rockafeller Foundation, ran by Prescott Bush. History proves much.


Thats a progressive ideology. (T-4 and the rest, Still want to back them?)


Go bucks


One can hardly imagine what our country would have been without unions. For whatever reasons anyone can state everyone can clearly see that they are being destroyed and becoming less powerful. O'Bama can see this and that is why He spoke in Michigan. One of the major downfalls is when union members let their leaders become involved in politics insead of just negotiating with their respective companies. It's in bad taste when union heads take everyones money and support a certain political candidate or party. I can't think that was the original intention of Union Dues. They can't coninue to spend union money supporting people outside the company. One would have to look realy deep to find a union leader who somehow wasn't being extragant with union money, parties, trips, meetings, and the like.


Little Puppy,
Michigan was won by Romney? I guess that is why this passed? Same Politics used by both Parties but when it doesn't sit well with a person, it's wrong. It's really wrong either way but that is the back-stabbing tactics that have become the Norm. Maybe, Just Maybe, people are realizing what 50 & 60 years of Democrtatic leaders have done to places like Detroit and Cleveland.


The clothing factories in the southern “right to work” states all closed and moved the work to cheaper labor countries.

Right to work means a temporary boost in profits for companies that will eventually move those jobs to a cheaper labor country.

Why is everyone avoiding the Schulman sale and loss of jobs?

That’s in your own back yard.

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Where is Taxpayer? I have not read anything from him in awhile.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


@ middleclass:

Nope. I was told that the initiation fee was $1K. A withdrawal card from other unions (which I had) was never mentioned.

Also, the Anti-American car sign in front of the UAW Hall demonstrates the stupidity of the union when many car parts are made in Mexico, Canada and elsewhere.


Just like America so are/were many Guilds/Unions. Is America perfect? No. People in any work envioriment do need free & honest expression. That is not wrong. Since the best of their waking hours are spent there it is only fitting that they are treated fairly. Its that E-z.


Stop employer payroll deduction of union dues and watch union power dry up.

Let the union chase down their members for the money. How many would actually pay????