Lower Great Lakes levels reveal Michigan wrecks

The remains of a wooden steamer built 125 years ago recently were uncovered in West Michigan because of lower Great Lakes water levels.
Associated Press
Dec 12, 2012


The Muskegon Chronicle reports sections of the 290-foot steamer Aurora, which burned in 1932, and parts of at least four other shipwreck hulks were exposed by the receding waterline at Grand Haven near the edges of Harbor Island.

The Aurora is in the Grand River, which flows into Lake Michigan nearby.

Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates members and officials with the Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven have surveyed the area. Valerie Van Heest, director of MSRA and a maritime historian, says this offers a rare chance to see wrecks without having to scuba dive.

The Great Lakes are shrinking because of drought and rising temperatures.




I wonder if it will ever get so low that detroit will see the light of day, They have been underwater for at least 2 decades?

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Pictures would be neat. Are they not available?


I heard the ship's name was originally called, "Diversity."


Yes, I'd like to see pictures too.


For pics follow this link! http://photos.mlive.com/muskegon...

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Thanks Steamer84!


Thanks Steamer84

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Thanks for the link, Steamer84. Nice pictures and very inteesting to see.


No problem! I have family in Grand Haven and use mlive all the time! I was just there in August and know the location but I never would have thought a wreck was there!