LOCAL VOICES: Why always the race card?

Cyndy Sciarappa Sandusky Also signed by Carl, Julie, John an
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Cyndy Sciarappa


Also signed by Carl, Julie, John and MaryAnn Sciarappa

We own and operate the South Shore Inn in Sandusky. We have been operating for 42 years and have experienced a great many changes in the culture of our society. Some were easy to live with and accept. Some not so much.

We were very disappointed to read the article in the Aug. 5 Register regarding Kalahari and a family claiming they were being forced out because of race.

First of all, there is only one version of the story, which could have been either minimized or watered down to benefit the "victim."

In these times being insensitive or politically incorrect can have a devastating effect on a business, especially when it is not true or accurate. Without the other side of the story, how does the public decide what is true? So now we come away after reading that article thinking that Kalahari employees and Kalahari for that matter are racists? I don't think so!

Recently we had a lady come into our office and attempt to rent a room. She was a local woman. We informed her that we do not rent to locals. She was white, but with her she had several black people and a black gentleman was in the office as well. She told our clerk that it was for her sister who was coming from Columbus. Our clerk told that her sister could come and rent the room herself.

She said we were discriminating because they were black. The reason we do not rent to locals, and I am sure all the other hotel owners will agree, is that one or two people check in and the next thing you know, here is their entire lineage using the pool and facilities or having a party and disturbing other guests. It has happened to us many times. Is that a problem for hotel owners? Yes, a big problem! There are liability issues (thanks to our litigious society) regarding the pool and facilities. People pay money for a service, and amenities which are provided as a commodity by the hotel. People who use that commodity and are not paying for it, are stealing it. Simple. It is no different than shoplifting.

So that is why we don't rent to locals -- black, white, yellow, purple, whatever.

Back in the day, our father used to let the little guys who rode their bikes through the property sneak a dip in the pool on hot summer days from time to time. But now they come in carloads, such as a group we had asked to leave in June (eventually the police were called). They parked in the back where we can't see (except for the surveillance cameras) and emptied out about 18 people and set up shop like they were in their own back yard and when we ask them to leave, the vulgarity that spewed from their mouths in front of their own children was truly deplorable -- and then we were accused of racism.

Why is that the first battle cry? Why can't they see it has nothing to do with race? And why should we feel intimidated objecting to trespassing, disruptive and abusive behavior? For fear of being labeled a racist as Kalahari was in the Aug. 5 paper? We are well aware of Kalahari's right to refuse comment, but to assassinate a business through headlines is not only unethical but injurious.