Voltz asks for old job at Erie County agency

Erie County's former champion against child abuse and domestic violence is demanding his three former bosses reinstate him.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 12, 2012

But it's unlikely Aaron Voltz — fired after he was jailed in July 2011 on a rape charge — will ever return to work at Erie County Job and Family Services.

Voltz, the agency's former executive director, recently sent a letter to the three Erie County commissioners, who oversee operations at job and family services.

Voltz said he wants to once again work for the agency, although this time he's seeking to become the department's assistant executive director, the position he held just before he was promoted in June 2011.

Voltz's request stems from a letter he received from the U.S. Department of Justice's civil rights divisions, indicating he's allowed to pursue legal action against the county.

Voltz claims he was unjustly fired because he's Hispanic. Commissioners remain adamant they had a right to axe him.

"I feel confident that what we did will stand," commissioner Bill Monaghan said. "His letter has no credence."



Look up at will employee will ya? He wouldn't have any recourse unless it was due to a violation of his civil rights.


I think they should not hire him back just because he pulled the race card. If he was let go because of the rape charges & that was it then he deserves to be considered for re-hire but since he is basing his re-hire off the race issue he shouldnt even be considered.


PS Mr. Voltz.....The ridiculous grin on your face in the picture doesnt help your cause either. You look like an arrogant freeloader that feels entitled to whatever you can suck out of the county.


Didnt he get in trouble for Rape?? or acused?


never mind i just reread it.And useing the Race card thats funny..He lost his Job cause he was charged with rape n jailed not do to race i find it tacky that alot of people are useing race as an excuess for what they have done. i bet if he took legal action agenst the county he would be laughed out of the court room.if not then the courts have some issues


Somebody earlier stated that Aaron Voltz was acquitted of rape. That is not true because the charges were "dismissed without prejudice" meaning that if all previous evidence is preserved and the victim decides to testify, the charges can be refiled. The statute of limitation for rape in Ohio is 20 years.

sandtown born a...

Excellent point alot of times the victim will be victimized even worse in court and public opinion


I heard he treats all women, especially his girlfriends with the utmost respect.


Hass Sie nicht meine deutsche Abstammung.


What does your heritage have to do with anything?


So what percentage of a race in one's makeup do you need to obtain a "race card"?

Is one half, one quarter or as little as an eighth enough to get this special right?


Wow-that's pretty low. Strange how I don't recall his ethnicity being a factor when the SR was reporting on a rape investigation or other interoffice relationships. What a joke....


Funny no one is mentioning that there were also 4 other girls that came forward to report sexual assault/rape at the hand of voltz... but hey, maybe five different girls that didn't know or like each other because they were all ex's got together and decieded to "get" voltz for some odd reason. Read the police reports the register posted when this story first came out from the accusing girls and tell me that all 5 are making it up...This guy is on borrowed time, until he gets caught with his pants down, again, pun intened. And definently not someone who needs to be in a seat of public authority, hispanic or not.


You are so right re "there were also 4 other girls that came forward to report sexual assault/rape at the hand of voltz". I'm sure they ALL reported such a humiliating experience just for the 'heck' of it, right?

I also find it funny that having known this man and his family most of my life, never ONCE am I able to recall any traditions and/or celebrations in line with the [so-called] "Hispanic heritage" he is now claiming. I do, however, recall mention of others playing the 'race card' as being despicable. Playing whatever side seems best at the time are we? SMH....


Why didn't the SR try to get the recording from the girls phone that the investigating PD had where he was crying and apologizing for what he had done to the girl the night before, and pleading with her not to go to the police? That sounds like an innocent man to me. The SR seems to get every piece of evidence from every other public officials investigation and post it on here, except for voltz...


This is the perfect application of the phrase "just say no".


You run with your RACE CARD Aaron. In the word's of Taylor Swift, adjusted of course... "We will never, ever , see you take our kids together." Bye, Bye, Now...


Aaron...you play the race card, that's so you. That's all you have. In the word's of Taylor Swift, adjusted of course, "you will never, ever, take my children together."

Ellis dee

Opposite of dryback