Voltz asks for old job at Erie County agency

Erie County's former champion against child abuse and domestic violence is demanding his three former bosses reinstate him.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 12, 2012

But it's unlikely Aaron Voltz — fired after he was jailed in July 2011 on a rape charge — will ever return to work at Erie County Job and Family Services.

Voltz, the agency's former executive director, recently sent a letter to the three Erie County commissioners, who oversee operations at job and family services.

Voltz said he wants to once again work for the agency, although this time he's seeking to become the department's assistant executive director, the position he held just before he was promoted in June 2011.

Voltz's request stems from a letter he received from the U.S. Department of Justice's civil rights divisions, indicating he's allowed to pursue legal action against the county.

Voltz claims he was unjustly fired because he's Hispanic. Commissioners remain adamant they had a right to axe him.

"I feel confident that what we did will stand," commissioner Bill Monaghan said. "His letter has no credence."



Pulling the race card! He should be so embarrassed. Just move away, but we know this is all about $$$$!


that pink shirt should be a crime. revoke his man card and his race card for punishment.


Men wear pink now. It does not make you any less masculine. You are showing your age micKey!

Dwight K.

Are you serious? Why does everyone have to pull the race card..what a bunch of bull


Could be a racial element here. You never know.

Dwight K.

yeah sure

G George I du kno

He deserves the $$$$! He was accused of a crime not convicted! Anyone can accuse a public official of a crime, does this mean they should be fired? Instead of firing the guy before his court dates they should have allowed him to continue employment until the verdict was out. Instead his name has been run through the mud and his career and life have been altered. Why? Probably because some ex-girlfriend was jealous because he didn't want to be with her. I think he should sue the county, name the girl who accused him in the suit, and the Huron PD as well. It's a law that they can use a lie detector to determine the validity of a complaint in a rape case. Had they done this maybe he never would have been arrested or it would have helped prove their case. But they didn't so we will never know will we.




voltz, i was rooting for you on the initial charges. butttttttttttt, playing the race card? not cool. now, i am rooting against you for that reason alone.

this just hampers legit race cases.

car 54

Voltz was hired and praised by Monaghan!


I agree, the race card is getting very old


I'm Irish can I play the drunk card


that depends on jurisdiction and who you know on the police force


I believe that he is a creeper and should have to take a polygraph test prior to being hired anywhere.


Oh, I'm totally convinced of Mr. Voltz' innocence NOW. Forget accusations. Forget evidence. Forget investigations. It's all about how somebody else has it out for the Hispanic guy. NOT! The "race card" is typically thrown on the table when the person playing it has nothing else in his hand. I'd be very, very surprised to learn that this case is any different.


I need to get one of these race cards. It's the new version of a "get out of jail free" card used by politicians and police. Plus it can be used by 40% of the population. What's not to like.

It's the moral decay of the United States. No personal responsibility. My family heritage made me do it.


He looks white to me.


What specific nationalities are awarded race cards? Is there a specific percentage of that race needed to be to obtain such a card? Would and 1/4 or an 1/8 work?


I really have no idea if race was a factor or not but do you guys really think racism is non existent? Nevermind! You have to admit though, the guy was wrongfully accused and fired before a thorough investigation took place! A paid leave maybe?


Nobody is impling that racism is non-existent, it never will be. However, the shear number of people who use it as an excuse far outnumber the actual incidences of racism. Although he was terminated without cause, since he was cleared, it really doesn't matter. As a director, he was an at-will employee (non-union). As such, they can fire him for any reason, or no reason at all. The only reason he is using the race card is that there is no other way he could fleece the taxpayers for the loss of his job. Absent a civil rights violation, an at-will employee really has no recourse to contest their firing.

Swamp Fox

Wasn't he "at will probationary" non civil service appointee. Play the race card when you don't have anything else, he was an embarrassment before the charge.


How about pursue legal action for the matter at hand... I could have potentially supported him as well if he was fired unjustly but saying it was because he is is Hispanic is rediculous!!! He was Hispanic when he was hired right? SMH shame on you Mr. Voltz!!




It appears to me that Voltz will use the threat of a lawsuit to get his job back. Allow Voltz to file the lawsuit so that the SR can post the lawsuit pdf file. The race card has no merit in the lawsuit if filed against the county.

sandtown born a...

Bull this guy deserves notta, what a piece he is race card typical of anyone not white not getting what they want.




Why do you say he deserves nothing? You may be correct but what about the rape accusation that was unfounded?


He deserves something, but the money should come from his accuser, not the taxpayers of Erie County. As an at will employee, he is entitled to nothing, unless of course he can prove discrimination. This will be hard to prove, because from what I have read as far as case law, the vast majority is people suing based on not being given a job or promotion due to racial discrimination. Mr Voltz was given the job and subsequently fired likely due to his position which requires public trust. Even though the charges were dropped, there are many who wouldn't trust him being an advocate in that particular department. Again, he was an at will employee.

sandtown born a...

Charges bieng dropped does not mean innocent it just means not enough to convict



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If he was acquitted after being fired for being charged, he should be reinstated. Their reason has been falsified by a court of law. If they won't reinstate him, he has no recourse but to sue, and his lawyer has a duty to use the strategy most likely to achieve results quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, our laws are structured so that a straightforward action based on his acquittal would be a longer, messier, and more difficult approach than the strategy he is using.