No charges for OH workers in robbery shooting

A southwest Ohio prosecutor says two gas station workers were protecting themselves when they pulled guns and fatally shot a robber.
Associated Press
Dec 11, 2012


They won't face any charges. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters says police interviewed the two clerks, reviewed store videos and a 911 call, and recovered a BB gun that looks like a firearm.

Authorities say 19-year-old Lashawn Daniels went into the Sunoco station north of Cincinnati early Monday. They say he showed his weapon and demanded money from the clerk working as cashier. Authorities say the other employee came from the store's rear with a shotgun, and Daniels turned and pointed his weapon at him. Authorities say the clerks opened fire with the shotgun and a handgun, killing Daniels.

The names of the clerks haven't been released.






Merry Christmas!

Simple Enough II

Wow, Lashawn made some seriously bad choices that night.


Proof that we need more Criminal Control, less gun control

2cents's picture

(went into the Sunoco station) First mistake!
(he showed his weapon and demanded money) Second mistake!
(turned and pointed his weapon at him.) Last mistake!


In these times. One has to do what one has to to do to keep up with the times that we are living in and the law needs to catch up with the times as well . I know one thing , it will be a long time before anyone tries to room that place again . Good for them . To bad something like that can't happen I this county , chances are people will rethink , before they pull out a gun at another clerk .


Heck give them a medal



Whiskey Tango F...

in times where our law enforcement is running with fewer officers, fewer resources, and crime is at the highest we have seen, this is what honest citizens will do. Guns have the ability to kill. The lives that are taken is determined by the operator. This may have been justified, but the shooter has to live with the decision and the backlash for the rest of their life. Lesson 1 day 1 of CCW, if you are not prepared to shoot and fatally kill another human, then get up and leave.


Whiskey Tango F... is right. The only thing more dangerous than a bad guy with a loaded gun is a good guy with a loaded gun who is either unqualified or unwilling to use it.

Some of those in the anti-gun contingent suggest that having a gun is a danger because the bad guy might take it away from you and use it against you. That argument ONLY applies to the good guy who's unwilling to shoot before the bad guy gets close enough to grab ANYthing.