More nude antics pinned on former Willard wrestler

NORWALK A Willard High School student who was kicked off the wrestling team for misbehaving while na
Cory Frolik
May 24, 2010



A Willard High School student who was kicked off the wrestling team for misbehaving while naked has been suspended from the Willard football team for more nude antics.

On June 22 -- five days after he admitted to bullying another Willard student while he was naked -- the 17-year-old Willard athlete allegedly chased after a different student at football camp in Ada, Ohio, without wearing a stitch of clothing, said Huron County assistant prosecutor Dina Shenker.

Not long after the chase, the teenager then removed a phone receiver and shoved it into a pair of "tiger" Speedo underwear he had on, Shenker said.

He then allegedly made sexual comments as he walked around in his underwear with the handset sticking out.

"He told people to call the sex line and pointed toward his genitals," Shenker said.

School officials suspended the teenager from the football team for these actions and for speaking to a young student with whom he has a no-association order, authorities said.

The order is in connection to an incident that occurred late last year in the wrestling team's locker room.

While he was undressed, the upperclassman pulled a freshman wrestler to the ground and sat on him, placing his genitals near the boy's face, authorities said.

The upperclassman got another student to take a photograph of the event with his cell phone.

The boy admitted to these charges and was adjudicated of disorderly conduct on July 17. He was placed on community control and ordered to undergo a sex-offender-specific psychological examination.

Five days later, the student misbehaved at football camp, violating his community control guidelines, Shenker said.

In court Monday, Shenker urged juvenile Judge Timothy Cardwell to place the boy on house arrest and take away his cell phone.

On recommendation of Phil Charville, chief probation officer with the court, Cardwell ordered the boy's cell phone be confiscated by his father and forbid him from being in a locker room setting unless it is supervised by school officials.

Charville said he didn't feel house arrest was fitting, and the boy's actions seemed to take place only in unsupervised conditions. Judge Cardwell agreed, but said he would change his mind and put the boy on house arrest if he doesn't start making better decisions.

In addition to claiming the boy's actions violated the parameters of temporary probation, Shenker said the boy's father confronted the father of the boy who was bullied in the locker room.

She also said comments that appeared beneath stories on the Web site of a local newspaper seemed to be written by the upperclassman's family members. She warned such activity should be stopped.

James Joel Sitterly, the boy's attorney, said he was limited in what he could say about the case.

"I am still waiting for the report from the Huron County Prosecutors office," Sitterly said. "Until they forward that information, I can't comment on any new allegations."

In an e-mail response, Sitterly criticized Shenker's comments about the blogs, claiming they had no legitimacy.

"I am not sure what Ms. Shenker expected the Court to do in response to her personal perusal of a local community blog," Sitterly said. "Perhaps she expected a court order prohibiting all media sources to eliminate discussion of any court proceeding pending her prior approval to the contrary. Her grasp of the First Amendment is comically inept, to say the least."

The boy has been suspended indefinitely from all sports, authorities said.


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