Sandusky man thanks stranger who saved him from fire

The identity of a construction worker who helped pull a man from a burning roof last month may never be known.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 10, 2012


Sandusky police were hoping to find the man who stopped when he saw the home in the 2000 block of Columbus Avenue ablaze early on Nov. 21.

All but one resident had escaped the fiery house.

But one man, 22-year-old Rob Olvera, got trapped on the roof of the house when smoke kept him from going down the stairs inside.

The Good Samaritan grabbed an extension ladder from his truck, and carried it over to the porch.

After Olvera climbed down, the anonymous man grabbed the ladder, strapped it back to his truck and drove away.

"To the best of my knowledge, we don't know who he is," assistant chief John Orzech said.

"I would like to say thanks for taking a quick and decisive action, and pretty much saving a life," he said. "People usually don't get involved. He did the right thing and went on his way."

Olvera, too, previously told the Register he was simply thankful for the man's help. The first floor of the home was gutted and the upstairs significantly damaged by the smoke.

Ultimately, no one was injured in the fire because of a stranger's help.

"It's pretty impressive if you ask me," Orzech said.



"He did the right thing and was on his way."

Most of the time I believe our moral compass is out of whack in the country. People feel the need to be praised for being average.

This man went way and above average and didn't seek any recognition. You have my upmost respect.


Well said donutshopguy.


He will be handsomely rewarded for his brave and selfless act.


I believe there is an angel in our midst.

car 54

You may be talking about Eric Mingus. Mingus Builders, overheard his name.


If it was Mr. Mingus let him be. He reacted to a situation and then went about being a normal citizen.

He doesn't want the attention. He did what we hope all citizens would do to help their fellow man.

If this was the man....leave him alone.


Used to work with that young guy, woah!

he said she said

Obviously this man doesn't want his identity known. Some people would have jumped at the chance to have their picture in the paper and their 15 minutes of fame.

Mr. Anonymous, thank you for being there. You were there for a reason.
I don't believe you need to show your face to the public but a personal meeting with the person you saved would be nice so that he can say thank you personally.

Lisa Wobser

An everyday Hero has become a powerful platform for changing individuals, communities and organizations lives and in this world the only way it has ever been done/changed is: One (1) person at a time! God Bless Mr. Anonymous who ever you are!