Ohio gas station clerks fatally shoot robber

Authorities in southwest Ohio say two gas station workers pulled guns and fatally shot an armed robber.
Associated Press
Dec 10, 2012


The Cincinnati Enquirer (http://cin.ci/Vu93Up ) reports it happened early Monday at a Sunoco station north of the city.

The workers, who haven't been identified, said the robber came in at around 12:30 a.m., pointed a gun at them and demanded money.

The clerks told police the suspect — believed to be in his teens — had already come around the counter and taken cash when they fired a handgun and shotgun at him in self-defense.

The names of the clerks haven't been released. No charges have been filed, but police say their will consult the county prosecutor's office.




hopefully, they won't be charged. if more of this starts happening maybe the crime rate will go down in those areas.


mikel: Agreed and agreed.




I third the motion!




From the above Cincinnati Enquirer link in the SR news story:

"The most recent U.S. Department of Justice study available, from 1994, found that 1.5 million people use firearms to defend themselves against crimes annually."

1,500,000 people use firearms to defend themselves against crime in one year. Did I read that right? That is a lot of people in one year. How many lives were saved when the police were not there to intervene?


Bout time this happened. Hope it happens in Sandusky soon.


...their will..?? wow


a-okay in my book...good job fellas

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I think I want to hear more. During self-defense classes we were taught to never carry a Desert Eagle as a self-defense method! Restraint is part of the training and this situation just reads a little one sided. Yes, you have an armed suspect committing a crime with a firearm, but two armed guys killing the robber? I find it hard to believe that both men were in jeopardy at the same time and the prosecutor’s office may have some questions. I am not saying they did not have the right, I am just saying it may be looked at as excessive force for both of the holdup victims to have shot the one guy. This is a little difficult to understand as a self-defense need.

Just saying!

sandtown born a...

Actually in a cpl class your taught that you shoot and continue to shoot until you stop the threat . They felt threatened and stopped it who knows his intention get the cash and then get rid of witnesses not like that hasnt happened before. I say protect yourself until the end, then deal with the law later

sandtown born a...

After reading the real article the robber fired at them and they fired back case closed in my book

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(after a gunman shot at them)
I guess I should have opened the attached link as well, Oops!
Yea, I would have shot him too!

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swiss cheese kat

Authorities say 19-year-old Lashawn Daniels went into the Sunoco station north of Cincinnati early Monday. They say Lashawn showed his weapon, a BB gun and demanded money from the clerk working as cashier. Authorities say the other employee came from the store's rear with a shotgun, and Lashawn turned and pointed his BB gun at him. Authorities say the clerks opened fire with the shotgun and a handgun, killing Lashawn.

The names of the clerks haven't been released.


The story didn't say "killing" -- only the headline.