Meet the 7 Sandusky police chief candidates

The seven finalists battling for Sandusky's coveted police chief position all come from starkly different backgrounds.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 10, 2012


Whoever is chosen as the next chief, he'll earn about $85,000 a year. Below are highlights of the seven finalists, based on their applications the Register obtained through a public records request:

Mark Anthony
• Portsmouth, Va., police lieutenant in the criminal investigations unit.
• Worked in department for 17 years.
• Present duties include commanding the criminal investigations unit — consisting of property crimes, auto theft and homicide — monitoring emerging crime patterns and recommending executive changes to the department policies.
• Deputized as a federal law enforcer from 2007 to 2009, assigned to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and evaluated criminal investigations scheduled for prosecution at the federal level.
• Received two associate's degrees, in education and business administration, from Northern Virginia Community College.

Terence Calloway
• Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, Tenn.) police chief.
• Hired in January 2012 after working as Woodmere, Ohio, police chief for three years.
• Present duties include establishing department's organizational structure, assuring officers provide effective, customer-oriented campus security services, and establishing department goals.
• Taught as adjunct instructor and worked as lieutenant for Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland.
• Received master's degree in justice administration from Tiffin University.

Bryan Jarrell
• Southfield, Mich., deputy police chief.
• Worked in department for 27 years.
• Present duties include implementing innovative methods for staff members, such as starting a bike-patrol program, handling investigations and acquiring grants.
• Served in U.S. Marines from 1978 and 1983.
• Received bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Eastern Michigan University.

Brian Miller
• Hammond, Ind., police chief.
• Worked in department for nine years.
• Present duties include managing a department of about 200 officers and 50 civilian employees; speaking to groups on crime prevention and managing crime statistics.
• Served in U.S. Army from 1983 to 1989.
• Received master's degree in public affairs at Indiana University.

John Orzech
• Sandusky assistant police chief.
• Worked in department for 15 years.
• Present duties include overseeing personnel of about 45 officers, participating in budgeting and engaging in community discussions to solve crime problems.
• Served in the U.S. Marines from 1985 to 1989 and stationed in North Carolina and Japan.
• Enrolled in classes at Terra Community College to soon earn an associate's degree in political science.

Craig Stone
• Columbus, Ohio, police lieutenant.
• Worked in department for 27 years.
• Present duties include assigning investigations, reviewing all completed investigations and ensuring cases are investigated in a fair, impartial, thorough and timely manner.
• Volunteered for community-improvement organizations.
• Received master's degree in justice administration from the University of Louisville.

Robert Ware
• Portsmouth, Ohio, interim police chief.
• Worked in department for 17 years;
• Present duties include overseeing the department's roughly 50 officers, creating community-based programs to reduce crime, and campaigning to make neighborhoods safer.
• Coordinated with Ohio's governor to help youths find careers in technology-based fields.
• Served in the U.S. Navy from 1987 to 1995 and licensed as a journeyman counselor for the U.S. Department of Labor.
• Received associate's degree in applied sciences from Ohio University.



go with one from VA. things will get cleaned up quickly.


A word to the candidates... We have MAJOR problems with crime in the Sandusky area and the city needs to turn around fast before the downtown business owners and residents that can bring in tax's leave. Our real estate is suffering and our city has a horrible reputation. Please help us.


How many people are complaining this time that the Perkins guy is not on the list?

Molon Labe

I am!! Why aren't the Officer's from Perkins Township being given a chance?


I agree, why isn't Officer Kate Barker on the list?

I vote John Orzech. He's been an officer here and knows the department.


Why aren't Perkins officers given a chance? They were. Whoever wanted to apply could do so. Maybe they didn't measure up to other applicants. In fact, in comparison with the quality of the experience shown on THIS list, I'm not sure why the EXISTING "chief" made the short list!

I agree. I like Anthony's experience, too. The gods know we need it!


It is time to put John Orzech into the position that he has been preparing for and not lose a valued public servant to another community. He has shown his abilities repeatedly, leads multiple efforts to improve the community beyond just his daily job and had the initiative to pursue additional education that will either benefit the citizens of Sandusky or another area. It is Time. It is the wise thing to do for the community.


I don't believe the citizens of Sandusky want the level of safety we have today. Orzech may be the most capable man in the world but the Sandusky Police are currently being viewed as unable to handle the level of crime that exists. We may want to think outside the box on this one to develop a better reputation for the town. Whoever gets elected needs to keep excellent notes on local criminals and turn things around. Citizens are being attacked and robbed, murders are more common, and real estate is at an all time low. Sandusky could be a beautiful lake front city if only we could take the city back from the criminals...

Sit n Spin

Yes, put Orzech into the position and let the good ol' boy network live on.....puhleease. The SPD needs a cleansing and it starts with someone at the top with the nards to do it, not continue on down the same destructive path. Y'all know Mr. Westerhold will be watching and waiting to pounce when given the opportunity ! He is just pre-occupied with PPD tight now ;)

Whiskey Tango F...

get in your car and drive the streets of the towns they currently patrol. Ask downtown business owners if they will be sad if their chief leaves. Read their papers and see what is going on in their community. This ain't rocket science folks. Bad news tavels fast and easy. If they are so great then why are they leaving? +1 for any candidate with military and education. If all else fails, hire Officer Kate Barker. At least she will appreciate the drunks.

Pastor Ron

Remember when Orzech decided to go on vacation instead of investigating the Burns fiasco. Plain and simple.... the Sandusky Police Department lacks leadership as demonstrated by the numerous issues with the officers. Time to clean house.


Sandusky needs an outside, objective candidate with no political or good old boy connections. It needs someone with experience in crime patterns and homicides such as Anthony. Having lived in VA, I guarantee they won't go wrong if they select someone from Portsmouth. Lots of crime there and in Norfolk too. He has the experience needed.

Molon Labe

@ Totally Amazed,

Let's be real.....I never saw Kate's name on the list.

Pastor Ron

If McDung gets out of prison soon can he be added to the list?

G George I du kno

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