Perkins Twp. won't release alleged drunken officer report

Perkins Township officials and their attorney are refusing to offer a reason for withholding information on an incident involving an allegedly drunken officer.
Emil Whitis
Dec 7, 2012


Following a marathon closed-door meeting Thursday, township authorities would not release facts surrounding Officer Kate Barker's alleged drunkenness as she was about to start work on Thanksgiving Day.     

At least two other officers are also the target of an internal investigation into the matter, but Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar has refused to identify them or explain their role in the incident.   
Township officials held a five-hour, closed-door meeting Thursday to discuss possible discipline for the officers involved, but they ultimately emerged without announcing any decisions.  

It's been a full two weeks since the incident involving Barker, and Klamar and township trustees are still refusing to provide answers.

For more on the initial incident and Perkins Township official's refusal to release information, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



Trying to stir the pot or what?


It's illegal for the law enforcement agency to withhold the report. It is the news organization's responsibility to report when law enforcement agencies break the LAW.


Let's be clear - they are refusing to answer the Sandusky Register's questions.


Lets be clear......Everyone knows that because Mrs Westerhold already did a smash and bash article. TODAY. I call that, stirring the pot. I dont feel that they should disclose information on a ongoing investigation. Then again, I voted for Romney, I dont feel that sense of entitlement that engulfs you Obama guys.

Good 2 B Me

Well Spoken! People that would vote for Romney would be in favor of Hiding facts, censoring the Newspaper and not telling the truth!


Maybe they are sealing her records early so she can run for public office.

Dont Worry Be Happy

OMG give it a rest, it will all come out soon enough.

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listen folks, NO GOOD comes from these late invests.... those doing invests are as dirty as those being investigated. come clean, fire the idiots, and hire new idiots. these people CARRY GUNS, RULE THE ROADS, OUR VERY LIVES, YET THE BOSSES DONT ACT ON VIDEO EVIDENCE!!!!! NOTHING NEW IN SANDUSKY AREA IT IS A LOST MANS SOCIETY, NO CILTURE, HIGH CRIME, AND BUDDY PROTECTING BUDDY!!! THIS STUFF HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER 60 YEARS, THATS WHY YOU HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE!!!!


Cant argue with that one bit

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has any one every wished, or prayed for a massive natural disastor to hit lake front and sandusky?


I don't pray for it every day but sometimes. Flushing some crap out would be good for the area.

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Professor Playdoh

I know I sleep better at night knowing that Ken's running the show..That and my new Kimber 45 and a Troy M4.... Thanks Santa..


They wont release the report? I am sure Emil thinks he is entitled to it. Mr. Whitis get a life. Not everything is open to you when you want it. Think you found that out on several different occasions already.


Double standard.


Oh, but if it were any of us......everything would be in the paper!


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It would appear that the PPD has taken a big black eye on this one. Their best choice would be to let her move on, most of the general public has been taught to respect the police and the police with their position should always be on their best behavior either on duty or off duty, after all they choose that career and with it requires that they be respectful citizens and have moral conduct above and beyond any typical public individual.

So if this officer stays on the job, pulls over a local for speeding that knows the entire story and the person just for fun asks her, “So How much have you had to drink tonight?” Then what?

Just asking!


What I think you all fail to remember here is that there still is a INVESTIGATION going on here. I think the Cheif is doing a great job. Why would he release info before the investigation is over??? Just because McClung wanted his name in the paper 3 or 4 times a week doesn't mean this Cheif wants to. Let the investigation finish then I am sure he will let the report and the findings out.

By the way. Thanks Cheif for not talking before it was done so you don't get Perkins in a lawsuit so my taxes being a Perkins resident go up.


I am confused.Arresting officer comes in from shift and says to supervisor,"I wrote eight tickets tonite,oh by the way Madam X was passed out in drive through in car.""Did you perform the required test's'"Yes,I did,was she over limit,?"Yes"Did you issue ticket"?Yes"But ,she is a police officer"Oh,well we better check the manual for that"Manual says blah,blah case closed !

my oh my

Typical cover up stuff by Perkins Twp.This has gone on for years and continues.Kind of hard to discipline an officer when her superiors are also guilty of being intoxicated and impaired rather frequently such as the officer(s) that were in the Pump lounge the same night when she was there and basically tattled on her so they would get off the hook.Let's discuss when the officers also get wasted at Two Cans in White's Landing and then drive home from there as well...Big can of worms will be opened here people...Not saying I condone her actions but they should took a long hard look at themselves as well too...


Bottom's shady. The register is doing their job reporting and keeping up with the investigation to keep the public informed. Not that I'm a fan of half of what the register reports on. I'm just sayin. There are individuals who want this hushed, and there are individuals who want to know the facts. Which we as the public....are owed. End result...this is a big deal. There were a lot of laws broken knowingly (by the info that was stated), a lot of cover up (by the pd) and a lot of assumption. Clear it up. That's it. Just put it out there and let's move on.


Good for you REALLY GOOD to have so much faith in the rag that is reporting! I truly believe that that the PPD is in a deep mess and truly believe that they are resolving the issues at hand without trying to destroy a persons life infinite. BIG. HUGE. MISTAKES. These people DEF need to get their circles back to square! I just would love to see how you handle an issue that can potentially dissolve a persons FUTURE, LIFE, FAMILY, SELF-WORTH, and may I repeat LIFE. When all of you AUTHORITY bloggers turn back and look with clear eyes on your own life, hopefully you hold yourself to the same standard that you hold every person that is condemned in a city rag! She screwed up BIG time! She won't even get a job as a dog walker without suspicion...........I'll place bets she feels like a true a$$!! Go forward without guilt that you have NEVER made a major mistake in your life, then make a plan to CHOOSE the people you want to protect you...unless it be yourself????


I must have missed where I said "I have so much faith in the rag" ??? What is that anyway? I was clearly addressing the important issue at hand. Not the reporting or "the rag" lol
Buuuuuuut okay....


When you believe the "register" is doing their job...that's considered FAITH! You give empowerment to a media that has the opportunity to skew opinions and thoughts when you support them. Buuuuuuuuuuuu you're one of them!


Fellow officers or officer tattleing. I thought they were suppose to have each others back. I wonder whos riding in the car with who now. This is going to get real good. Pull up a chair.


Let's be realistic about this. It would be harder to get a teacher or instructor fired from a learning facility than it would a cop fired from the job. They have to be PR conscience as well as dig to the bottom of this. ALL, while doing their daily jobs. Just because we want immediate answers doesn't make it happen.

And to be sure, I'm certain that if my butt was getting hounded about this, that report would set in my files for a coupla days before I let anyone know. The lady will not be able to work for PPD or anywhere close in this area. If she pulled me over tomorrow, I'd laugh and leave. See where that would go?

More than likely, she'll be terminated and not allowed to be in LE for a coupla years. She should get higher schooling and counseling in that time period.

called out

Until an investigation is complete Officers do not have to release any information. When the investigation is completely done, then they have to give the information to the people. Just wait it will all come out but let the PD do their job for now. I believe in Ken and really think he would not try to cover anything up. She will loose her job.


It seems to me that the Register seems to have a sense of entitlement when it doesn't exist. The information will be released when the investigataon is done. The Register could (would) take a partial investigation, spin it, and then spit out their biased vomit. Their headline already tilts the story even though the investigaton cannot be released util it is finished.
I would of thought that Westerhold knew that, however he also thinks that all cops are allowed and obligated to talk to the press. I am shocked that he is so ignorant about the law and rules and regulations related to law enforcement and the media.


The internal investigation of other officers allegedly involved is one thing. That kind of investigation usually IS kept fairly secret until it's done and over with. Whether you consider it to involve confidential employee information, or you don't want to jeopardize an ongoing investigation, there are reasons — good ones — to hold off on going public.

That being said, there's no reason at all to withhold information on the incident that started the whole mess. If you fall asleep (drunk? drugged? sick?) in a Taco Bell drive-thru, you WILL be discovered, and there WILL be a report which WILL be made public. Refusing to release reports or answer questions doesn't make the officer look good, and it makes the Police Department look even worse.

I don't object to certain information being withheld under certain circumstances. But this? This is a stonewall. As much as I hate to say it, The Register has a real point here. I'd also point out, though, that those who suggest The Register has some sort of an anti-police agenda where local departments are concerned have a boatload of evidence that that's the case. While it would be WRONG of the Perkins Police to drag their heels in cooperating with the newspaper, I have to admit it would be understandable!


Sam, how do you know there is no reason to withhold the information? The information is apparently ongoing therefore it's not required to be released regardless of what we think, especially to the Register who have shown a bias toward the police.


If there were a legitimate reason to withhold the information, the Chief or the township's legal representative would say that they're withholding the information because, or withholding the information until. Again, the internal investigation of the officers, two of whom haven't even been named, is ongoing and so it's perfectly understandable that we don't yet have that information made public. But there's been no cooperation AND no explanation of a simple police report involving a drunken idiot (who happens to be a cop) who fell asleep in a Taco Bell drive-thru.

If the drive-thru incident is part of the internal investigation, then SAY so. If it isn't, or if it's only peripheral, then release the stupid thing.

Again, I can't argue with you that the Register shows a very clear bias against local law enforcement. You've got a lot of evidence to back up that claim! But that doesn't excuse said law enforcement from adhering to laws concerning public records.


What a bunch of nosey nellies on this site! Who cares?


Two weeks for an investigtion? Five hours in executive session? It is time for decisions to be made. The PPD can't sit on this forever. My guess is that the chief has already made his decision and union is in the way. The union can't stop inappropriate conduct. Police officers are held to a higher standard and need discipline and to be responsibile for their actions.


Investigations need to be thorough and cannot be rushed. Ohio has laws which limit what newspapers can request as public records from meetings. I found some good information for Ohio citizens that appears to be easy to read and understand by any citizen of Ohio.

An Exception: Closed Meetings or Sessions

The general rule is that all meetings of public bodies must be open to the public. If a public body wants to hold a closed or "executive" session, it must identify a specific statutory exemption. Under the Ohio Open Meetings Act, a public body may hold a closed session when it is dealing with one of seven subject-area exemptions found in Ohio Rev. Code § 121.22(G). The seven exemptions are for meetings dealing with the following topics:

• the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official, or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual, unless the public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual requests a public hearing (this exemption does not apply to the discipline of an elected official for conduct related to the performance of his or her duties);
• the purchase or sale of real estate for public purposes;
• pending or imminent litigation;
• negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees concerning their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment;
• matters required to be kept confidential by federal law or regulations or state statutes;
• details relative to the security arrangements and emergency response protocols for a public body or a public office;
• matters involving trade secrets (but only in connection with local hospitals).


wired already stated as much...


I wonder how many law enforcement officers have gone up to their next DUI victim prior to pulling them over and said "I think You have had to much to drink, you better not drive." They are all guilty from the leo's at the bar, to the taco bell disappearing act, to the chief stopping her prior to driving to work, and thinking she has had to much to drink. The chief should have just waited and pulled her over once she has driven on a public road. That is what he would have done if it was me or you. Double standard? You betcha.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Sounds to me that the Chief was preventing a tragedy by not letting her get into a car drunk with a twp badge and gun on. I would have to think that if she caused anyone harm on her way to work or after she got there drunk the twp could have been sued and lives could have been loss. I for one think he did the right thing by stopping her and now he has to fight the FOP union to do what's right. Keep up the great work Chief.


this topic will be on page 4 before dusk...any takers?

he said she said

I have a question. If she knew she had to be to work for an overtime shift at 3 am, what in the blazes was she doing at the bar drinking anyway? She called off from that, which should be a write up. Then try to go in at 7 am for her regular shift and she's still drunk.

If this was anyone else that worked anywhere else but the Perkins Police Department, don't you think you would be fired for trying to show up for work or actually getting to work intoxicated??

My job doesn't require me to carry a gun, require me to drive a vehicle that is not my property, and it doesn't require me to have a clear mind to think clearly when an emergency arises but I do believe that if I showed up for work intoxicated, I would most definitely lose my job. No questions asked.


Political activists and concerned citizens in corrupt Ohio are often targets by the powers that be. Ohio's corrupt courts will help the powers that be try to silence anybody who requests public records.

Just ask Brian Bardwell how the courts of corrupt Cuyahoga County, Ohio went after Brian because he asked for public records for his organization and for other people.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Sounds to me the Chief was preventing a tragedy by not letting her get into a car drunk with a twp badge and gun on. I would have to think that if she caused anyone harm on her way to work or after she got there drunk the twp could have got sued and lives could have been loss. I for one think he did the right thing by stopping her and now has to fight the FOP union to do what's right. Keep up the great work Chief.


So the Register can't get its reports when they want it? Someone call the waaaambulance! It is abundantly clear to everyone that the PPD has been completely turned around under the present leadership. Why can't the Register simply wait until all the "T's" are crossed and "I's" dotted so no one is skewered before the findings come out. The Register would crucify an officer for using lethal force without justification but they do it all the time with their attacking reporting. They fire then aim and unfortunately cry foul when an agency is trying to do the right thing by all parties. You'll get your reports from the PPD and past history under the present leadership should be an indicator of such. I do not work for the PPD so I have no dog in this fight. Thanks Chief for doing a very difficult job well. You've restored respect to this agency.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Well said:-)


Very well said!!!! Could not agree more!

Molon Labe

totally agree Fiddledee!!