Castalia man killed in crash on Old Railroad Road

A 34-year-old Castalia man died sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning in a crash on Old Railroad Road.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 6, 2012

It's not clear what time the crash happened, but law enforcement personnel were called to the scene after it was discovered at about 7:30 a.m. at Old Railroad Road near Miller Road.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers investigating the wreck said Timothy W. Wright Jr., 34, was driving a 2004 Infinity I35 south on Old Railroad Road approaching the T-intersection with Miller Road when he failed to stop at the posted stop sign.

Click HERE for photos from the crash scene

Wright crossed Miller Road, then went airborne for about 100 feet, striking an overhead branch on a small tree and landing in the yard of a private residence. The car continued south through the yard and through a creek before striking a tree.

Wright was not wearing a seat belt. The driver's side air bag deployed in the crash but the front air bag did not, troopers said.

Wright's body was taken to Ransom Funeral Home in Castalia. His vehicle was towing to Moore's Body Shop in Castalia.

The crash remains under investigation. 

For more on this crash and what may have contributed to it, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



KHB... there's no more simple minded people than those who refuse to remove blinders.

I care about my loved ones, too, But I also know how to take 'em down a peg or two. There is no coddling in my family. I have no illusions about any of them. Or myself, for that matter.

It's called tough love.


knuckleheadbuster is right. I didn't "know" this guy but I sure did know his driving since he drove past my house every day and frankly his driving scared me to death. He didn't just make "a" mistake. It was a continous pattern which was bound to catch up with him eventually. Fortunately, he didn't take someone else's life as well as his own. Apparently, he was part of this "me" generation, as his attitude seemed to be,"This road is mine. Get out of my way".


As i sit here and read everything that is being posted by everyone we are all missing the point......a MOTHER has to bury her son, a WIFE has to say goodbye to her best friend, and a DAUGHTER has to say goodbye to her father!!!!! We all make mistakes in our lives and we are all not perfect but if we just stepped back and looked at the big picture here there is not rim or reason why everything happens....i pray that everyone involved finds the peace they are looking for in this situation...until you walk in others shoes and have to experience this you have no clue yes can we say he was reckless yes but to keep going on and on about it is a little much in MY OPINION...PLEASE LET THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS GREIVE IN A WAY THEY ONLY KNOW HOW TO!!!!


Mistakes are something one learns not to repeat.

Habits are quite another.

Sounds like this could have been prevented. M aybe kids should make their parents sign a safe driving pledge, too.

As another post stated, some things you can control as a driver some things you can't.

We all know what drivers have the power to control.

Be safe and be smart.


Good idea, ragtop, most people don't take their driving seriously, some people make excuses and throw the word mistake aroud.


I wonder what kind of "people" need to have their "comments" removed.

Rusty of Sandusky

Anyone here know how to submit a letter to the editor (for print version of paper) and what the word count limit is? Can't find info anywhere on the site and Register has not responded to my e-mail request for information.

entitled to my ...

I think it is 350 words and you mail it to Readers Forum at the S.R.