Castalia man killed in crash on Old Railroad Road

A 34-year-old Castalia man died sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning in a crash on Old Railroad Road.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 6, 2012

It's not clear what time the crash happened, but law enforcement personnel were called to the scene after it was discovered at about 7:30 a.m. at Old Railroad Road near Miller Road.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers investigating the wreck said Timothy W. Wright Jr., 34, was driving a 2004 Infinity I35 south on Old Railroad Road approaching the T-intersection with Miller Road when he failed to stop at the posted stop sign.

Click HERE for photos from the crash scene

Wright crossed Miller Road, then went airborne for about 100 feet, striking an overhead branch on a small tree and landing in the yard of a private residence. The car continued south through the yard and through a creek before striking a tree.

Wright was not wearing a seat belt. The driver's side air bag deployed in the crash but the front air bag did not, troopers said.

Wright's body was taken to Ransom Funeral Home in Castalia. His vehicle was towing to Moore's Body Shop in Castalia.

The crash remains under investigation. 

For more on this crash and what may have contributed to it, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



I have never sped on that road. My husband has never sped on that road therefore your argment is invalad.


That is a LONG record!


@ Kelly , yeah, but apparently, we shouldn't care because he was loved! no kidding, he was loved. Of course, he will be missed. He was likely someones son, father, brother, cousin, dad, uncle etc. You know, you can love someone and still face facts. His family can't possibly be surprised at this outcome. These comments began when someone mentioned his record and a 'friend of the family' said it was all lies.... no, no, it wasn't lies. It just sucked to see it in print.
I wonder who told the grieving family about this discussion... could it be one of you 'close to the family' commenters? Maybe you need to be better friends of the family.
on a personal note- My adult son is reckless. If he should end up in this fashion, I hope my friends comfort me and not defend my son's reckless behaviors or call people liars when they quote courts documents. I love my son, but I am not stupid. I do not need patronized.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Does that include your family , too? Your relative was wreckless in the past, wasn't he?


Not a friend...I am family!


Ok, so you are family. A tragedy for your family. But not mine. Comfort your family and ignore what is said here. our responses to these postings just fuels the fire and makes you no better, even lower than those posting here. Show you are more mature and stop posting yourself. Otherwise learn to accept the fact that not everyone sees him like you do/did.


My prayers go out the his family. May God hold him in the palm of His hand for all eternity.

This debris field is extensive. There isn't 100 feet to run between the end of old RR and the wall on Miller. He must have been going pretty fast and manuvered the care to miss that wall. I have no idea what took him airborne unless it is the rocks by that road. Whatever the reason, someone should have heard it but didn't.

We may never know why the trooper didn't do a check when it was dark, but he didn't. Second guess, like I am, is just that, second guessing.

I don't care about his driving record, or why the officer didn't do more. I just know this young man ended up dying for whatever reason.

We all have a shelf life and yet some of us take chances that put that shelf life in a position to move our number up when we should be more careful each and every day.

Either we don't think we are going or we push it because we don't believe.

Whatever the reason, please be careful out there. Take good care of you....there are people you will leave behind who will mourn your passing until it is their time to join you.

Know that whether you realize it or not, they love you and want you here. Don't give them a reason to mourn you too soon.

God Bless this family and help them if you know them. They will need you and your prayers. Praying for them is all I can do as I don't know them personally, but I will pray for them now.

entitled to my ...



People's driving records do matter. Why? Because they are putting you and yours and mine at risk everday.

When have we become so blase about driving records. It's not a right , It's a priviledge.

If this had involved a van full of kids... most of these comments would be very different.


This whole comment section is disgusting! This represents a good part of what is wrong with the world today. I weep for my childrens future if this is the mentality of ADULTS. Get a grip. RIP to the deceased.


You win, I'm gone. Feel better knuckleheads?


Knuckleheadbuster, I feel bad for you and your family. You will never change anyones opinion on here because they are all lawyers, judges, cops, pastors, and MMA fighters when they are posting on here. If they arent willing to give you their real name, than they arent worth your time. Oh yea, I forgot spelling champions too!


Does it seem odd to anyone else that he wasn't reported missing? That could have helped find him sooner.


Whomever started that line about " god don't like ugly" is full of it. What a worthless cliche, I mean really ...Personally, I would rather someone be brutally honest with me than to sugarcoat or leave me in the dark.

Whatever the reason, it could have been medical, or drunk/ distracted driving. I t could have been a deer... Guess they will say one way or another.

Get one thing straight: This is not a memorial page( that's for the funeral homes to set up) it is a public, open forum, on a public News site.

I do feel bad for the family. but God, get a grip.


The SR is going too far with deleting some of our comments. my last one said "We are not here to be therapists, thank God all he destroyed was a mailbox this time and that my daughter and parents travel this road daily. That was deleted due to name calling etc.... How is this? Just because someone clicks "inappropriate"because they don't like someones comment doesn't mean SR should delete it.


I totally agree. They removed one of my comments even though I violated no guidelines yet they allow Knucklehadbuster to personally attack people, call them names, and pick fights. Why is that? He is CLEARLY violating the guidelines and has been reported. Play fair REGISTER and remove those posts as well or restore the others. This is a news story not a memorial page. Just because the family doesn't like a comment, that is not a good enough reason to have it removed. If we haven't violated the guidelines, which I didn't, you have no cause to remove them.


Thank you! I knew I wasent the only one seeing that!


Bottom line is there is a little girl that lost her father that she adores, her mother lost her husband. A mother lost her son. I can't imagine the pain that the family is feeling. RIP Timmy, I hope you are at peace and I hope your family finds peace in the memories and the smile you left with them all.


The trash that comes out of some of these commenter's mouths are just disgusting. Past generations never acted this way and all of you are no better than any one who has done wrong in the past. Someone can go through their earlier years in life and make mistakes and you all are the first ones to throw the first blow on here. No matter what Tim did he is human everyone makes mistakes, accidents happen that is why they are called accidents.
People who come one here that are near and dear to him and his family may not come on here to find comfort but may pass by because of these cowardice statements you all continue to say about him.
This is an open forum and people are allowed to say whatever is on their minds but do not be spineless and hurt people around you who are grieving. I do not care if you know the parties involved or not just filter and think about what you are saying on here.


Mouths?? Not on here - this is typed. If you think that people aren't saying the same thing while they are verbally talking amongst themselves in person, you are wrong.

You are very naive. No one is saying he "deserved " to die, but he did have a habit of wreckless driving, did he not?

The burden of proof is on the surviviors. Like I posted before : it could have been medical or a deer or his own fault.

All people have to do is slow down.


Must not have the been the first time he didn't come home at night if his wife went to work on her birthday morning and didn't even report him missing......


Why would you say something like that just to hurt people? What is wrong with you people? Drugs? Bad childhood? Spoiled? What is it that would create little monsters with no feelings at all? Who feel that because you had behind a fictitious name on a website that no one sees you or knows you are doing it? God does and you will one day answer for your mean ways, all of you children.


Okay, so then according to your OWN theory about God, did your relative answer to God after he hurt someone else? Is that right? Or is it different because it's your relative? Or do your own rules not apply?

Which is it? Because you cannot have it both ways to suit you.

Now then, is knucklehead buster YOUR real name or is it fictitious?


It is very apparent that you are angry and hurt over something that happened a year ago. I wonder, have you ever gone over the speed limit? Have you ever ran through a red light. Had a child out of wedlock? Hurt someone's feelings by something you said? Stolen something? Have you ever done anything at all wrong? Have you ever made a mistake? It is not different because he was my family, it is different because he didn't do anything to hurt anyone on purpose as you are doing at this moment. It isn't to suit me. Is his passing not enough for you? Can you not just stop hurting people intentionally? That is the difference since you can't see it. He was hurt, too. He was sad and he suffered greatly for what he did. No, my name isn't what it is here because they dont allow real names, sadly. Because if they did, I would know who to pray for.


.... No, dear, I don't even know who you people are. Just what has been in the news. I don't live in the area... So you're barking up the wrong tree.

For the record, ( off topic, though, it is) I don't have kids and at 40 something, I'm too old to start, now. And no, I've never stolen anything. What does that have do with your relatives' apparent habit of wreckless driving? YOu have to know that is a possiblilty.

So could it be many other things. For your sake, I hope it is.

I'm just asking questions and you continue to blow smoke. YOu can't stop people from having their own thoughts about things. Especially on a news site.

If you want to pray, pray that all the bad drivers out there don't hurt anybody. Drivers don't have that much control over medical issues or mechanical ones, or say a deer, or headlight glare... But they do when it comes to how fast and how careful they are.


Why do you even bother if you are not even from the area? I am far from naive, the comments on here are just callus and crazy. He made two mistakes and there was no one else involved and he is the only person who knows what happened this time. Like I said before accidents happen.


I said I don't live in the area,,, it doesn' t mean I'm not from the area. Hard copy of SR is sold at least in 5 counties that I know of.

It is a news article it's not a memorial page , newpapers are not required to do memorial pages. This is a comment section. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean my point wasn't valid.


Nice try to throw it back on starryeyes, KHB. It doesn't work that way.


Throw what back? I am trying to understand and wish one of you all would explain to me and justify continuing to condemn someone who has paid an ultimate price that I am guessing you don't even know! What is the matter with you? Have none of you compassion? I give up. It is obvious at you are all lost, unknowing, simpleminded souls who have no feelings or hearts at all. I will leave is ignorant forum and pray for you all as well as the social medias that allow this ignorant behavior to go on. God help our new country led by the "me" generation who only cares for themselves. See ya, knuckleheads!