Huron to widen Rye Beach Road for more truck traffic

Huron officials and a major local employer are accelerating toward a less restrictive roadway.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 6, 2012


By September 2013, construction crews aim to widen Rye Beach Road near Sawmill Parkway on the south side of the bridge near the railroad tracks.

Work should start sometime in late spring 2013 and would ease truck traffic concerns at the growing International Automotive Components facility.

"The road today isn't wide enough or accommodating for tractor trailers," International spokesman David Ladd said. "It's been a challenge for employees  to enter the plant."

For more on the city's partnership with IAC to learn about grant money that's helping to fund the project, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.


yea right

The company opened in 1990. They widen the bridge how long ago. NOW they must widen the road. What took so long.


Ever heard of a company growing and expanding? I know, novel idea.

2cents's picture

There were issues with a few driveways being too close to the bridge that had to be worked out with ODOT back then. It will be nice to see a right lane go through southbound at the light for sure…

yea right

Company had expanded 10 yrs ago