Votes for Jesus, Cadbury Bunny among Erie County write-ins

The Cadbury Bunny already has a job laying eggs — albeit tasty, chocolate ones infused with caramel — but at least one Erie County resident believes the rabbit would make a good president.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 5, 2012


Another county resident wanted an actual hip-hopper in the Oval Office and cast a ballot for a Cleveland-based rapper.

And someone else simply followed a catchy pop culture phenomenon from a comedic cult flick by voting for Pedro.

Erie County Board of Elections workers recently inspected and finalized the 40,000 ballots submitted on November's Election Day. Among them were about 50 write-in votes.

For a listing of the write-ins, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.


sandtown born a...

Thats just sad,


Even sadder when people lose faith in the system and its' leaders.

It should send a message to those in local office.


ditto sandtown


As funny or sad as it for Pedro wouldn't get us any further ahead than those that voted for Obummer. Pedro likes Obummercare & the freebee's. He probably has an Obummer phone too


There is no such thing as an "Obama phone". It's an urban legend


@HURON_1969: Are you saying that there is no program to give people free cellphones, and free or reduced price service, all funded by taxpayers money? I will bet you lunch that there is, and Ohio is one of the top states that has people sucking this entitlement dry.


It is a Federal program, but no tax dollars are used. Instead, telecom companies pay for it, but most of them pass along the cost to their customers, so really they don’t pay for it, paying customers pay for it. You’ll see the charges on your cell bill as the Universal Service Fee or the Universal Connectivity Fee.


"It is a Federal program" That would mean the government. That would also mean as the head of the government it is Obama's. As it is given out for free to the poor it would make sense that it would be called "Obama Phones" A myth, No. The sad truth behind free stuff given out to people who attribute it to Obama's benevolence, When in fact they steal from others to hand out to others who for political gain.




The Obummer Phone is as much an "Urban Legend" as welfare or food stamps.

sandtown born a...

What is sad is people raise children to think welfare is a way of life instead of the helping hand it was intended to do. A way of life for alot of people and this has been going on for years way before Obama took office, oh need a bigger check have more babies seen it first hand i dont know who the daddy is while the whole time he lives in the metro house with his contribution undocumented. Obama must have done that as well. Dont like it change it writing in a stupid name does nothing to politicians they really dont care what you think unless its election time


I agree with the way SOME kids are raised today. SOME kids these days think food stamps & HUD/section 8 housing is what you get instead of working. SOME kids also believe they are ENTITLED to everything. A teenager that recently visited my fmaily, was talking about all the nice things she deserved/wanted but never once talked about how she was going to earn it. Never once brought up a job. But i guess Obummers constant stand on entitlement of minorities, entitlement of kids & entitlement to the of everyone but the WORKING class just validates the reason SOME kids think they are entitled to everything.

sandtown born a...

Jon491 thanks for the info very enlightening , people dont want to know the truth if it dont fit their beliefs.


I know the info used to be in pages in the phone books ,haven't read one in at least 9-10 years.


Btw it is still in the phone books.


Thanks Jon491 for jumping in with the facts about the government phone. I am opposed to most everything Obama does, but we cannot pin this one on him

MrSandusky, let me know when will be a good time for you to buy me lunch.... LOL.


Just for info ,my cellphone bill for that charge is 0.95 per month


If you want the bums to get a job, they gotta have a phone for someone to call. Why would you want to deny someone a chance to get ahead? Not everyone on benefits is abusing the system. I doubt Obama and Michelle ever received any government benefits other than the ones they are receiving now and working very hard for. I'd bet the Easter Bunny could do a better job than many of you.


The subsidization of phones began under President Clinton, and has continued under Presidents Bush and Obama.


and was strongly supported by both parties. If you research the history of this act, you may discover the intentions were well thought out and justifiable. While it is true there were provisions for the poorest of poor, they were also pushing the telcoms to make communications affordable in remote places that have little infrastructure and small populations. This is a much bigger picture than just an "entitlement" and is worth the time to educate yourself on what it really is and why it came into existence


Thank You.


People thinking that life is free goes back WAY before Obama took office. This is exactly why I think the free things we give people should have a time limit to them, whether children are part of it or not. Make these free loader aware that the free things they are getting are only temporary. They are going to have to look for work (even at McDonald's or elsewhere) or they won't have the free stuff for long. They may get 6 months but no more. Then, at the end of that 12 months, no job, no more freebees. This is pathetic that they get so much freebee things. Why should it continue on.

You cannot convince me that a person cannot find work of any kind within a 12 month time frame. Come now, I see signs up everywhere for jobs. Go get them. Get off your dead behind and work or your benefits get cut off.

Do what we used to do in days gone by. Make them get stamps from employers they see to prove they are looking. We used to do that all the time. A stamp says they were definitely there to drop off a resume or applied. They had to show their book. No stamp, no benefits. Its that simple.

This freebee stuff needs to stop. Cranking out kids does not mean you have the right to sit on your duff and collect.

This may sound tough as nails and cruel, but why let people, able bodied people, sit and collect when they could be working. Nope, its time to tighten the reigns and MAKE them work or stop the funding.

That is just my opinion and I know I am stuck with it, but maybe its time for some tougher standards instead of just complaining about it.


Wired, I really don't understand your position. On the Perkins Police /Kate Barker subject, you recommend "If that is the case, I hope the department can get her the help she needs before they let her go". The assistance you suggest would be paid for by the tax payers.

But here you are throwing down the gauntlet saying nobody gets help

Mime Bloggling

WiredMama222 couldn't agree with you more. There has to be some oversight to the freebies...this is why we have so much fraud and waste with government entitlements programs today. However having said that I also understand that the government also helps to keep people IN the cycle of poverty by cutting off assistance if they do find employment. Some full-time jobs just don't make the ends meet...if you want out of the cycle of poverty and government dependency you usually have to end up working 2 maybe 3 jobs (something many will not do)...and getting retrained for a higher paying job. If you want to hear a good success story Google 'Star Parker' who ended up doing just that. She was a single black welfare mom caught up in the government dependency racket but ended up taking a couple of jobs and working her way through college. She is the founder of CURE (Center for Urban Renewal and Education). She wrote a book called "Uncle Sam's Plantation" , her own story of the welfare state and how she kicked the the government dependency cycle. Inspirational for sure...


It is funny that alot of Obama voters had their votes thrown out by writing in "GOD" thinking they were voting for their messiah.