Officers interviewed in deadly Ohio shooting

Authorities say they will begin interviewing the 13 Cleveland police officers who fired 137 bullets at a car last week, killing the two occupants after a high-speed chase.
Associated Press
Dec 3, 2012


East Cleveland Sgt. Scott Gardner said the officers have been on paid leave since the shooting Thursday night that they say began when someone in the car fired a shot downtown.

The car sped away, and officers gave chase. It ended five miles later when the car rammed a police cruiser and the 43-year-old man and 30-year-old woman died in a hail of gunfire.

Police said no gun or shell casings were found in the car. The Plain Dealer reports that police have defended the use deadly force because the driver rammed the police car and nearly hit an officer.




That was over-kill if you ask me...I mean come on...137 shots fired and they can't find a weapon from the car as far as I know...That was just wrong...


Weapon or not they RAMMED a police car.....that is ASSAULT with a deadly weapon. If they were doing NO wrong, or it was a mistaken identity why did they speed off? Why did they ram a police car? Honestly to me, it sounds like the police might need some target practice, but they got the job done.




Did they ram that police car BEFORE or AFTER the gun fire started? The cops orginially said they were being shot at, but no guns were found.

It sounds like it was rammed AFTER the gun fire started from what I just heard on the nightly news, not before according to what they just said, that is why the police officers were fired.

It sounds like they were shooting at the car when it rammed the police car as it came toward them and it swirved and hit the police car, then the cops opened up on the car.

A little different than the cops originally said they did. Pretty poor explanation. I wonder if when they did they autopsies they found out the couple were dead when they hit the cruiser?

Or if bystanders reported it?


Car rams a police cruiser and hails 137 bullets, try that at home and see what they gets ya. One sided for sure. I believe they had a right to protect themselves but not with a 137 bullets.Not to mention a passenger died too.

Julie R.

137 shots? It's a real miracle that no innocent bystanders were killed. Those Cleveland police are always in the paper for something.


I just heard on the news they fired like five Cleveland police officers over this. WOW, someone got gun happy again. Makes you afraid to go to Cleveland.

Darwin's choice

Where did you hear this? I think you're misinformed.........


All this somebody getting killed because a cop said he heard somebody shoot at the police station . And it turned out to be a bad muffler backfire. Why doesnt this surprise me over and over.


Afraid to go to Cleveland because of the police??? Yea ok. Cleveland is a major city. Alot of things go on in Cleveland that never hit the paper or news. These police have to deal with it day in and day out. There is no way I would want to be in their shoes.


137 shots but no gun? Wow!!!

Brick Hamland

It seems like the same people that complain the judicial system is a waste of tax payers money also complain when police shoot people... It would be nice if police shot more people to act as a deterrent for criminals to stop committing crime. Police work is difficult work, when you are on a high speed chase and you are forced with the decision to open fire or wait to be shot at, I would always shoot first its their life at stake not the people that get to sit back and second guess the actions behind a desk. I am going out on a limb and saying that people that lead high speed chases and ram into police crusiers are not the type of people that live productive lives, I could be wrong there but just guessing. I am sure some lawyer will take this case and file a lawsuit against the police department


Cleveland cruisers need dash cams


Simple~obey the law~have respect~NO WORRIES


Simple~obey the law~have respect~NO WORRIES


Say you are driving along and hear a gun shot/Car backfire, Are you going to hit the gas or wait around to see who is shooting at you? If you run you are suspect and the police might get a bit trigger happy. Alot of unknowns here, Were the police firing on them as they drove,ect ect. Either way 137 shots is excessive, They were not bonny and clyde.


Maybe not Bonnie and Clyde BUT............shooting at LE and ramming their cars is not exactly what I call saints.


They may have been just like Bonnie and Clyde. They sped off and purportedly shot at police then rammed a police cruiser. I'd say that's justification to get shot at no matter how many times. They must have been guilty of something since they took off. The police (especially in Cleveland) are probably fearful of getting shot on a daily basis. I'd say they acted appropriately.

Julie R.

Wouldn't it have been a lot safer just to give up the chase and then later get them? After all, they must of had the license plate number so they knew who it was that was driving. What if there had been kids in the car?


The only thing the plates will tell you is the owner information - it very well could be that the owner isn't the bad guy here. I do believe that this was definitely over-kill. There are very many unanswered questions about the circumstances here. This is not going to be brushed under the rug I don't think. Was the passenger involved in this or was the passenger being held against his will? That opens yet another large can of worms. If this was a "high-speed" chase, then the passenger would not have been able to escape. I think the biggest hurdle CPD has in this is the lack of a gun since the chase started over shooting a gun out the window. If the police were behind them the whole time, did they see them throw the gun out? Nothing about this mentioned. There is going to be a really big deal made out of this - and rightfully so.