Erie Co. court records to be online in early 2013

The Digital Age has finally made it to the Erie County Court Clerk’s Office.
Tom Jackson
Dec 3, 2012


The office will begin making its court records available online early next year, said Luvada Wilson, the county’s clerk of courts.

And the office is moving to allow lawyers to file court documents electronically — moving away from forcing everyone to come to the courthouse and file paper documents.

Wilson said Thursday that training will begin in December to allow the staff to move court dockets online so anyone can access it via the World Wide Web.

“We are scheduled tentatively to go live Feb. 11,” she said.

For more on this development and how it will roll out, pickup a copy of Monday's Register.


Julie R.

I can't WAIT to see what that court-ordered illegal scam sheriff sale of my deceased mother and stepfather's Huron property looks like online. Will the records be as misleading as the auditor and recorder's online records are?


.... Life is one big scam, anyway, Deal with it, like the rest of us.

Good 2 B Me

What would Julie have to do with her time then?

Woody Hayes

It kinda looks like someone in a tin foil hat that flies in a spaceship.


I'm sure that the records will show everything was completely legal. Not that there's ever been a doubt.


Personally, I'll believe it; when I see it. But , I hope so.

Who's all gonna get charged for using it?

Good 2 B Me

The article never mentions older cases. It states that the court will allow fr electronic filing.

Julie R.

Records from maybe 15, 20 or 30 years ago probably won't be online but considering how the Eeerie County courts (probate and the common pleas) were still playing their unlawful games in 2011 --- still sitting on the money from that court-ordered illegal scam sheriff sale that took place 3 years earlier --- I wouldn't call that case an older case, so I'm pretty certain that scam will be online. (and I personally am looking forward to it)

Good 2 B Me

If it shuts you up, so am I!


Why try to shut up a person telling the truth to all? To inform and educate. Some people do not want to be informed or educated. They love living the life of simpletons and want the powers that be decide what is good for them. If Julie's comments upset you, don't read them. Others like Julie's comments.


You must really miss Erie Voices


Julie, I wish you all the luck in the world. Having had something similar happen in our family to my grandmother (you know the story), I wish you luck. If it gives you a starting point it's worth it. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Julie R.

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal information and Libel and defamation.

Julie R.

Even terribly mean or disparaging things are not defamatory if the shoe fits. If a statement can be proven true, it is not eligible for prosecution.

Swamp Fox

If one actually had the proof they would pursue it in the proper legal venue and not rant on every related or totally unrelated topic.


@ Swamp Fox, Define "proper legal venue" in the corrupt state of Ohio.

What do you know about "proper legal venue" in Ohio?

What do you not know about "proper legal venue" in Ohio?



Julie R.

@ Swamp Fox: I did file the proper legal venue --- but the joke courts and their snake attorney buds sure didn't. When the Clerk of Court's gets records online, I'll show you exactly how they did it.


You lost. Get over it.

Julie R.

Everybody loses when they deal with the corrupt Erie County courts. After all, how can one fight the courts that have the power to illegally abuse their power? Do you find that hilarious? It's impossible to fight the courts unless one takes it all the way to the Supreme Court like the Huron River Greenway property owners and the former Vermilion mayor Jean Anderson did.

Julie R.

Erie County's favorite Lorain County law firm has lost two cases now after they were taken out of corrupt Erie County.

@ Hey Kelly, guess who was involved in that court-ordered corrupt Erie County scam sheriff sale?