Students at Sandusky Central Catholic hunt to fight hunger

In past years, Mallory Lewis wanted to go deer hunting, just like her big brother, Nick.
Tom Jackson
Dec 1, 2012


Her parents, Danny and Jessica Lewis, told her she’d have to be patient.

“Nick had to wait until he was 10, so you have to wait until you are 10,” her dad told her.

Well, this year the Huron fifth grader finally turned 10, so she got to take her first deer about two weeks ago during the youth season.

Mallory didn’t keep her deer. Instead, she donated it to Hunt to Kill Hunger, a new student effort at Sandusky Central Catholic to supply venison to soup kitchens and food banks.

For more on how this initiative kicked off at Sandusky Central Catholic, pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.


Want to donate?

• Deer must be tagged, free from signs of illness, field dressed with the hide intact and free of visible decomposition or contamination.
• A photo of the deer should be emailed to Cindy McClung, cmcclung@sanduskycentralcatholic....
• Deliver the deer to Rosperts Meat Market, 3675 Lehigh Road, Norwalk, 419-668-5425. Be sure to tell Rosperts employees the deer is for the SCCS Hunt to Kill Hunger.


Yellow Snow

Venison is so versatile. I love the SMCC program and Mallory for her efforts to be involved. The protein in her meat will go a long way to nourish so many. Stay safe, Mallory, we'll see you again next year!


Way to report this on the second to last day of gun season Sandusky Register! I would have made much more of an effort to sleigh a deer this year...Wait, you were too busy exploiting the mourning people at the candle light vigil.


Way to go Miss Lewis.