Fire Marshal: Cause unknown, arson ruled out in Seneca Co. fire

The Ohio Division of State Fire Marshal has announced the cause of a fire that killed a family of five in Seneca County earlier this week can't be determined due to extensive damage of the home.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 30, 2012


The Fire Marshal did, however, rule out the fire being started by a wood burner or propane heating system. Possibilities remaining include space heaters, which were placed throughout the 100-plus-year-old home, and smoking. There were battery operated smoke detectors in the home but it's unclear if they were operational.

"While the exact cause is undetermined, no evidence of any criminal act was found," said a statement from the Fire Marshal issued Friday afternoon.

Firefighters responded to the home at 13843 E. Township Road 124 in Reed Township at about 3:15 a.m. Tuesday after a trucker driving by the home saw it in flames. When firefighters arrived the house was fully engulfed.

Killed in the fire were homeowner Joseph Hamilton, his wife, Holly, and three children, Olivia Bondy, 11, Jaxon Hamilton, 8, and Linkin Hamilton, 6.
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Such a heartbreaking story. :( Prayers for the loved ones the victims left behind, as well as prayers for the first responders and their families.


This nightmare for our family is especially difficult because our deepest fears have come true. Just over one year ago we were mailed the decision that our attempt to gain full custody of Olivia Ryan Bondy was not to be. We knew her life was in danger and had proven this in court based on the number of facts that would unravel during our court proceedings.These are all in case file number 03 DR 373 Sandusky county court.

Ryan Bondy and wife Billie Bondy were recommended custody by the Gaurdien Ad Litem who's decision we were told accounted for 90% or better of the final decisions that are made. Along with this we had a hand full of very serious facts in the case that had shown neglagience was being carried out.

Despite all of this here we are today living in the nightmare we kept praying and fighting to prevent.

Our world is in a sad state of affairs when a great father that has such a great family is denied what was obviously in our opinion, our daughters best interest.In our opinion the court system which had more than enough disturbing evidence that would make any good parents skin crawl, failed miserabley. As we read the possible final cause of fire we know that not everything was done to keep everyone in that home safe.

Our goal here isn't to upset anyone as we have everyone in our hearts and prayers that are dealing with loss in this tragedy. However, we are not going to sit back and ignore the fact that when it comes down to it there are those we hold responsible for not doing the right thing because of reasons that are unknown.

We also want to let each and everyone of you know how greatly appreciative of everything no matter how small a contribution you have given. Your words, letters, cards, monetary contributions, time, tears, and all out caring will never be forgotten. God bless all of you! We love you! The Bondy's.